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Original title Frankenstein
Author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Genre Horror Fiction , Science Fiction , Novel
Language English
Characters Frankenstein's monster, Victor Frankenstein, Doctor Waldman, Elizabeth LavenzaIgor, Doctor Septimus Pretorius, Wolf Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Ludwig Frankenstein
Published 1818
ISBN 978-0-486-28211-8
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About Frankenstein Book

Frankenstein also refers as The Modern Prometheus, tells a story of a young scientist who uses his knowledge and unorthodox scientific approach to conduct different experiments and create a human-like creature. The story was first published in 1818 in London, and later its second edition was published in 1821 in Paris.

 The writer of the story, Mary Shelley, wrote it due to competition between her husband Percy B Shelly and Lord Byron. She gets the inspiration from her visits across Europe, starting in England, Germany, and Geneva, Switzerland.

 She visited Frankenstein Castle in Germany, where she learned about alchemists’ experiments two centuries before. Finally, her trip’s last stop was Geneva, where most of the story happened.

The story is science fiction and horror fiction and has romance in it. There are several movies made on it. In Frankenstein’s essay, Frankenstein is a popular character due to their unique name and appearance as a monster. Still, he has feelings and craves love and the creature’s emotional attachment with his creator, victor.

Book Summary:

The story has three narrators that can be used in Frankenstein essay prompts, Captain Robert Walton, Mr. Victor Frankenstein, and the creature. The story starts with Captain Robert Walton writing to her sister, telling her about his arctic expedition and rescuing a man named Victor Frankenstein from the ice.

Victor was in very bad condition and recovered due to care given by Captain Walton and the crew. After victor gained his strength and assumed Captain Walton was a good man the way he took care of him, he started sharing his story from the beginning.

 Victor is a gifted child; his curiosity and interest land him at the University of Ingolstadt. He successfully discovers the secret of life and creates a human-like creature from different dead bodies.

 Although he succeeded in creating life but was horrified by the creature’s appearance, he ran away and stayed with his friend Henry Clerval. Victor fell ill, and after some time, when he recovered, he heard from his father that his brother William had been murdered.

 Victor suspects that the creature was behind this murder. Therefore he decided to confront him at the alpine glacier. The creature seems very changed, explaining how he learned to speak and a  needs a mate to cure his loneliness.

 Victor fell for his words, promising the creature about creating a partner for him. But during the process, Victor’s fears and in disgust destroys it. The creature appears and warns him that he will be there on Victor’s wedding night.

 The creature killed Henry Clerval, too, which devastated Victor, and he decided to marry Elizabeth, who he had liked since childhood. Still, on the wedding night, the creature appeared and killed Elizabeth, and at her grave, Victor swore vengeance. The creature followed him into the arctic, where Victor fell ill and was rescued by Captain Walton.

 But after a few days, Victor dies, which makes the creature appear on board, devastates the creature, immolates him, and leaves him lost in the darkness.

Frankenstein Quotes:

Below are a few Frankenstein quotes that are good to include in Frankenstein essay examples:

“Nothing is as painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!”

“When falsehood can look so like the truth, who can assure themselves of certain happiness?”

“Thus strangely are our souls constructed, and we are bound to prosperity and ruin by slight ligaments.”

“The world was to me a secret which I desired to divine.”

“I could not understand why men who knew all about good and evil could hate and kill each other.”

Essay Structure on Frankenstein:

The essay structure comprises different sections that form a good piece of writing. Before starting writing an essay, you must clearly understand In case of Frankenstein as a topic; first of all, answer some Frankenstein essay questions.

 First, make an outline and start writing; the outline will help you create a focused academic paper. It also saves time by eliminating all the distracting thoughts that can contradict your essay topic. Below are some guidelines helpful in making a good essay.


It’s the most crucial part of the Frankenstein theme essay; its effectiveness decides whether or not the essay is good or bad and successfully gains the reader’s attention and develops their interest. Therefore an introduction must contain an attention-grabbing phrase or statement that compels the readers to continue reading.

  • The starting line must be well written, balanced, relevant, and attention-seeking; it develops the audience’s interest and wants to know more, moving to the next line. It can be a thoughtful question.
  •     Once the reader is hooked, explain a little about the topic, brief, give them a picture of the whole topic, use relevant point information, and place it carefully.
  •     The introduction also has a thesis statement at the end, which comprises of main theme and facts or key points that you want to explain in your essay.


The body of the Frankenstein essay thesis is loaded with all the details and research. It has all the information related to the topic and has all explanations with facts and figures and thoroughly throughout statements that validate and strengthen your point of view while keeping relevant to the topic. Keep the transitioning between paragraphs smooth and connected.


The conclusion is the crux of your essay. The effective way to summarize is by starting with your thesis statement, stating the point you explained in your essay, and then writing a concluding statement showing your findings and answers to your thesis statement. Keep it short, concise, and impactful.

Tips to consider while writing an essay about Frankenstein:

The following tips will help you draft a good Frankenstein essay and any other essay related to any book. Note and include them in your writing process; these are thought-out tips that make your essay relevant and compelling.

Read the Book Thoroughly:

It is the most underrated yet fundamental point in creating a good piece of writing. Please read the book thoroughly; it helps you include all the details and aspects. It’s also effective in choosing your topic and extracting the information that is relevant and concisely delivers your point of view to the readers.

Find a Compelling Topic:

Suppose you have read the book thoroughly, then it will be an advantage in finding a good, compelling topic. There are certain ways to look at this; below are some tips to clear your thought process.

  •     Write a complete essay, start to finish, then assess it, determine which topic suits you best, and describe what is written in the essay.
  •     Extract it from your thesis statement; your main theme thesis statement can be your essay topic.
  •     Topic length doesn’t matter while naming your essay. It must be relevant and justify your essay content.

 Create The Outline:

Before you start writing your essay, outlining will help. Do some brainstorming; think about all the critical aspects, consider all the information, and start making an outline that helps you draft a good essay. The outline contains points and headings according to their relevance to the topic and impactfulness. An outline helps you remove any irrelevant detail or point, clear your focus and save your time. One pro tip is to paper down all the points when outlining.

Write the thesis statement

The story is a bit interesting and attention-grabbing itself, but to ensure the readers’ interest readers is pretty important that you add the thesis statement. You should add this statement at the end of the introduction and let the readers know what you will discuss in your essays.

Include a Lesson or Moral:

Frankenstein starts with Victor being rescued by Captain Walton and his crew in the Arctic. Later, captain Walton who is the narrator in the first part of the book shares the Victors’ story with his sister via letter.

 Victor, a gifted child, created a monster after completing his studies. Though it was his dream to research and create something out of it, he forgot one important aspect: anything that imbalances nature’s work or has supreme power can have consequences.

 Victor was afraid when his creation came to life; he runs seek refuge in his friend’s house; the monster felt betrayed, and society rejected him, asking Victor to create a mate for him so that he had someone with whom he could share his feelings. Victor agreed and started working on it, but he stopped after imagining the outcomes in the middle of the process.

 It incites anger and revenge in the monster, and he wants to seek revenge from the victor. Why did he create him like that? Therefore in a series of events, the monster killed his brother, friend, and wife.

 Bursting with anger and vengeance, Victor decided to put an end to it and followed him in the arctic but failed to take any action and fell seriously ill. After being rescued by Captain Walton, Victor stays alive for a few days and then dies, his death brings a toll on the monster emotionally, and he vanishes, putting himself in the darkness.

Therefore, this story can conclude multiple lessons: use one ability in the right direction; uncontrollable actions can bring consequences. Love or hate is the two strong emotions of human beings; they can make or break them.

Conclusion: Proof Read your work:

Proofreading helps you evaluate your writing and tell you where to make amendments or corrections. It also makes your essay error-free and allows you to read your writing from the reader’s perspective. Therefore it is highly recommended to proofread your work after completing it.

 Conclude your essay by starting with the thesis statement, explaining your point, facts, or findings, and concluding. Keep it short and relevant; it must compel the audience to participate or share their opinion or helps in developing there’s.


Why Did Mary Shelley Write Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley wrote it due to competition between Percy, Lord Bryan, and herself, who could write a better horror story. Mary wrote it out of her traveling experiences and used them to craft her horror story.

Where Does Frankenstein Take Place?

It happened in Europe; Victor was born in Italy, raised in Geneva, and then moved to Germany for higher studies. After researching different human bodies, he created the monster.

How Are Frankenstein And Prometheus Alike?

There are many similarities between Prometheus and Frankenstein; one is immortality, which belongs only to God, then torn out of Prometheus live by eagle and Frankenstein loved ones by the monster and lasting. It also signifies liberation from a creator.

What Genre Is Frankenstein?

Frankenstein fits into different genres; its story and story elements make it a gothic, science fiction, horror, and romantic novel. So, you can get everything in this story!

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