Analysis Of Volume One Of The Novel Frankenstein

This novel ‘Frankenstein’ is written by Mary Shelley. She was an English novelist, dramatist, travelled writer and she was best known for her Gothic novel (an English genre of fiction characterized by an atmosphere of mystery and horror) ‘Frankenstein’. Story of ‘Frankenstein’ touches on issue of bioethics, morality and religion. This novel is about a person named as ‘Victor Frankenstein’. He has been raised in a gentle family by loving Parents. He has two younger Brothers named as Ernest and William and an adopted sister, Elizabeth.

Victor come to know about Death for the first time when his Beloved mother dies because of Scarlet Fever. This incident effects ‘Victor’ badly. Before the death of his mother he was a very lively person but after his mother’s death he become so lost that he become retarded. To restore his mental condition he decided to go to university to study science and philosophy at Ingolstadt. He set his Goal of creating life.

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He does not want anyone to be dead. He wants to eliminate the concept of death by renewing life. In other word, we can say that he was afraid of death.

So to achieve his goal, he burns the midnight oil. He does not care about his health and works day and night. Soon he accomplished his goal. The Monster awakens. He opens his eyes and breaths fast. From chamber he goes into his room in shock leaving the monster alone. Finally, he falls asleep. Dreams of death and horror fills his mind until he awakes.

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He saw the monster standing next to his bed. The monster was trying to approach him. Victor was deeply wrenched with fear. Sweat poured out from his face. He does not know what to do. Finally, he escapes from the monster and rushes from the house. He goes to his best friend named as Henry. He brings back Henry to his apartments but the monster was gone. Victor don’t know that what has become of the monster he only knows that he is gone. As spring arrives, Victor regains his health. During that year he take a walking tour with his friend Henry. It has been two years since the monster has been disappeared.

Now, Victor was back to the life. He has forgotten about everything. As he returns from his tour, he received a letter from his Father. The letter contains a dreadful news about the murder of his younger brother ‘William’. He was deeply shocked on hearing this news. It reminds him the death of his mother. Although the word ‘death’ was really terrifying for him. He escapes from the concept of death but due to his fate he has to face his fear again and again. He begins his journey home deeply grieved over the murder of his younger brother. He decided to go to the site of murder and for this he must take a boat across a lake to do so. It is a stormy night, as he arrives on the bank he observes a large and horrifying figure in the flash of lightening. He remains shocked on what he sees. He saw that it is his creation, his monster who killed his younger brother. This all happens beyond his imagination. He wants to eliminate the concept of death because he has already lost his mother so that’s why he made a creation but Alas! He does not know that his own creation will become devastating for him.

So, after that Victor decided to remain silent in the fear for being called mad. When he reaches home, he finds a suspected person for the murder of his brother. It is the Beloved servant girl, Justin, who is accused. She is convicted. After seeing this all, Victor remains silent. He does not utter a single word. He can defend Justin by speaking the truth but he does not do so. He became selfish at this point because if he speaks the truth he will be accused instead of Justin which he does not want at any cost. The little innocent girl is hanged. Now, Victor is responsible for two deaths(His mother, younger brother) because of his monster.

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Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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