Comparison of the Similar Themes from the Novel Frankenstein and the Movie Hanna

Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is more than just a ghost story. This novel brings in many modern ideas, to say it was before it’s time is an understatement. Frankenstein set the groundwork for many other novels and movies. It is a major influence in today’s horror movie industry. The film Hanna was watched in class and it brings forth Mary’s ideas. This movie goes side by side with her idea that, “society may be hurtling towards mass suicide” (Walter James Miller).

Scientist hold the power to alter life itself, change the composition of any living thing. Modern technology has advanced rapidly, making it easier for ‘ghost stories’ like Frankenstein to become a reality. Though science is improving at an alarming pace Mary Shelley’s novel shows why we should not mess with genetic coding. However, the film industry still finds it fun, even humorous to play on her ideas of gene manipulation. In the movie Hanna the protagonist is one of many embryos that was created just to fight.

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It is in her genetic makeup to fight and kill. Hanna is part of an army of young fighters, made to destroy. She is the only one who is still living, after the government shut down the project.

Both Hanna and Frankenstein go out of their way to tell the stories of creating a “Monster”. Hanna shows what happens when you create a human solely to kill. She was in attempt for revenge, her creator had hopes that she would kill the woman who stopped his project from moving forward.

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How does Frankenstein relate to this? Well, Frankenstein also has vengeance in his veins, he sets on a murder spree when his creator does not love him in return. As mentioned previously Mary Shelley’s novel became a stepping stone for many future movies.

Though Hanna is a great comparison, there are many more that come to mind, one being the new Jurassic World. Just like in all the other dinosaur movies, new dinosaurs are being made with bigger and better modifications. In this latest sequel a new dinosaur is created from gene splicing resulting in a truly horrifying prototype. As repeated many times throughout the movie, “You cannot play God without consequences”. This dinosaur, though dangerous, is auctioned off and when set free goes on a killing spree, similar to Frankenstein’s. The new dinosaur has no desire to protect anyone, just like in Hanna his natural instincts are to kill. Though these movies seem like all fun and games, they lay a blue print out on what our world could become if we keep digging deeper into science. Though possible, messing with DNA is not morally right.

If scientist go about the way the movies portray them and try to regenerate life, weather that be a human or animal it will result in “mass suicide”. Bringing back the dead has consequences. The mass suicide can be anything, in the new Jurassic World the dinosaurs escape their area of confinement and venture out into the real world. In Frankenstein the novel ends and the reader is still left unsure on what will happen with the Monster, and the same goes for Hanna. These creations may show compassion, but anything can revert back to its instinct. A dog can be sweet to everyone, but when under attack it will bite. Same goes for anything created for violence or with a desire to seek revenge.

Mary Shelley’s novel is one we should all pay close attention to, do not underestimate it as just a ghost story. Without this classic many of our favorite movies would not have the basic idea of bringing the dead back and the consequences at steak. This novel is truly one that will be eternal, never reaching its end. This novel begins to lay out how “humans are naturally benevolent and only evil when abused by society” yet, another idea showcased through both this classic novel and many movies after it.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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