Literature is the most important part of the human body With its

Literature is the most important part of the human body. With its several ways of understanding and communicating with people, it is capable to juggle multiple thoughts at the same time. The ability to master these skills truly strengthens the opinion on people who believe in the importance of literature. With well over 7 billion people in the world there are approximately 800 million individuals who are illiterate. The fact that there is 1/7th of the world that are illiterate, it is hard to tell if people and immigrants in this society will actually make a change for themselves and live a life where they don’t have to stumble on words.

Literacy is important in everyone’s life. Whether you agree or disagree, it is a fact that the world is slowly becoming illiterate by the second, and with no help and motivation to push people forward to make a difference, there will be no change. When thinking about how much we read everyday, it is shocking to see that most people cannot even read street names or simple directions.

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The ability to properly read, write, spell, and communicate all depends on being literate, and with people who don’t know how to do those things, it is not guaranteed that there will be a difference. The author writes, “Illiteracy among adults is attributed to a number of sources, including their own parents having little schooling, a lack of literature to read in the home whilst growing up, not completing secondary education·” (Kelly 5) This shows, many people can have different problems as to why they are illiterate, however, there should be no problem on why we shouldn’t fix it.

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It can be analysed, that the only way to solve this recurring problem is to teach people and motivate them to raise up their education.

In today’s day and age, our world consists of teens, adults, and children who solely depend on communication through phones. Without being able to properly read a text message, or speak on a phone call, there is no level of communication that can be formed. We read because of our curiosity that leaves us flipping through pages of fantasy, sci-fi, and fictional books. It also lets us live in a magical world, leaving the chaotic society behind us. Reading is our only hope when it comes to illiteracy.

Being literate and reading will benefit you throughout your life tremendously because it allows you to comprehend several things around you. People who often have trouble in school usually have problems in home, such as illiterate parents. Several people especially in this day and age have immigrated parents who came from different countries around the world. For example, bringing a spanish person to America all of a sudden is drastically different to a person who lived in the US and knows the country’s language. People who move or immigrate from another place are familiar to what illiteracy is, especially when it comes to reading and communicating with others. Language barriers are very common in the whole world, which is why reading and writing can end illiteracy, page by page.

In all, being literate is important and can benefit you throughout several ways, especially with reading. Literature is most important when it comes to reading, communication, and life in general. It is the key element when leading a successful life. Having good literacy makes you a efficient reader and writer, makes your chances greater at succeeding daily tasks, and makes you a more powerful individual against others who are illiterate.

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Literature is the most important part of the human body With its

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