Exploring the Human Body: A Review of Body Atlas Conference Screening

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Last conference, we viewed a film called body atlas. The movie had to do with body, bones, heart, blood, skin, reproductive system, and etc. It provides us a standard understanding of the parts and function of different systems in the human body. For example, the heart, it keeps our body alive because it pumps blood all around our body that consists of oxygen. Heart has the primary function of blood flow in the body. Another important part of the body is the blood.

It brings compounds like nutrients such as amino acids and oxygen to the other parts of the body. It also consists of white blood cells which are crucial for the body's body immune system.

From the movie, one that strikes me the most was the reproductive system and how infants are made. We've all understand the basic idea on how to make children-- man satisfies lady, they both get naked and have sex, and nine months later on, an infant pop out.

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But from the movie we've viewed, it reveals the step by step process on how the egg cell and sperm cell meet and how is the child produced inside the body. When a man climaxes, regardless of the millions of sperms cell produced and launched, just one can fertilized an egg.

If an egg cell meets a healthy sperm on its method to the uterus, the two can sign up with and start the procedure of developing a new life. The very first 12 weeks of pregnancy, understood as the first trimester, are plentiful with modifications and growth in the coming infant.

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It takes up to 2 weeks for the process to be finished for you to end up being pregnant. In the 3rd week, sperm and egg come together to develop a zygote. In the fifth week, though the coming baby is less than 1/4-inch long, her brain, heart, back cable and other important organs start to form. The baby's circulatory system likewise starts the first stages of advancement. Sixth and seventh week, A few of the baby's fundamental facial functions are now visible during the sixth and seventh weeks, and his heart begins pumping blood.

Eight week, with legs and arms growing longer and fingers beginning to develop, also develops an upper lip and nose, and the nipples and eyes are visible. Ninth and tenth week, Bones begin to form in your baby's arms, which now bend at the elbows. The baby's toes also start developing, and his eyelids and ears continue to be formed. At the 10th week, your baby's head gets rounder, the neck begins to develop and the eyelids close to guard the eyes. At the 11th week, the baby ends the embryonic period and enters the fetus stage. The fetus begins to develop external genitalia. In the final week of the first trimester, the baby grows fingernails. After that, a new life begins.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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