Computers Are an Important Part of Most People’s Everyday Lives

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, computers are an important part of most people’s everyday lives. This change has improved the way people live. By advances in the technology, especially invention of computers, human beings can do their works much easier than the past. They have improved the way of our lives (life) dramatically. The number of advantages that computers can bring us is very much so that its disadvantages can be ignored (Advantages of using computers are so much that disadvantages could be ignored).

Cases such as save (saving) time or facilitate (facilitating) job and affairs and improve(ing) our communications are my reasons which will be illustrated in details as following. To begin with, by using of computers we can save the time (more time). In todays’ community, it is told that time is money. With the huge advancements in technology, people’s life has more (become) complicated as it seems. Each of us hasn’t enough time to do all works on time (No one has enough time to do everything on time).

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The advent of computers in our lives(life), we can save time and do a big part of works more efficiently. For example, instead of going to shop and buying cloths, I (you) can buy it from my home by going to its website and even I (you) have this chance to see which cloth is the top-selling. (or) As an another example, I(you) can choose my (you) favorite five-star restaurant or hotel a couple of weeks before my(your) trip to a certain place.

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hat shows that I can better manage my affairs(It shows that people can better manage their life and schedule everything). The last example is that I even can control my home or personal room by using of my workplace’s computer (The last example is that home or personal room can be controlled or and monitored by using of a computer in workplace). These examples show computers have revolutionized our lifestyle. The last but not the least, computers improved our social behaviors.

For the very first time in the history, Social networks and websites have given this opportunity to people to find friends and know people they never met before. Nowadays, there are a few internet-organizations by which we can find our future wife. It shows that computers even affect our lives (life) emotionally. To take these into consideration, I can confidently draw the conclusion that there are a lot of advantages which computers donate us such as finding new friends or saving the valuable time so that its drawbacks can be ignored.

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Computers Are an Important Part of Most People’s Everyday Lives

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