Computers Are Necessary Part of Daily Life

Computers are the necessary part of modern life. It is really true. It is very difficult to imagine our life without modern devices and especially without computers. The main thing it is of course Internet. It is the ocean of information. Information about all spheres of life, scientific, cultural, political etc. Internet is very important for us students. It is the source of information for compositions, reports, control papers. Sometimes our teachers want us to do it ourselves but we used to do it with the help of computers and canR17;t imagine ourselves going to the libraries as our parent did.

Computers can help to find people who seemed to be lost forever. The example can be such web sites as and VcontacteR30; My mum found her classmates that finished the school 20 years ago and her friends from OdessaUniversity.

As for me I spend all my spare in time in contacts, speaking with friends not only from Odessa but for example from Canada.

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Also I know that if my dads want to know something about medicines they also use Internet and different web sites. Different studying programs are also useful; I like to use to make my translations easier and faster. But of course there is another side of medal. Internet takes more time that many of us can allow. It is sometimes replace books, theatres and alive communication. We begin to forget that it is more better to communicate with our friends not only in online mode but to go together to have fun, or may be it is better to read interesting book then playing computer games where people kill each other on very high speed.

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Of course our 21 century is the century of technical progress. We canR17;t live as our grandma and grandpa, but we had to remember that everything must have its logical boarders and never computers, modern devices, Internet; games can replace people, their relations, love, friendship and real life.

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Computers Are Necessary Part of Daily Life

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