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In what way has films become such an important part of an individual's life?

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Watching films helps a person to get metal relaxation and inner peace this in turn helps him or her maintain a peaceful and a calm mind. It also makes the person want to behave in the same way as the actors do, for example if an actor wares a nice costume the person who sees it also will have the desire to buy the same.

What impact has films made on society? And reason out as to why film has a major part in the field of arts?

Films have a lot to do with the society we live in, today we live in a world full of popularity and fame wherein a person wants to have the best in his or her life, thus by watching movies a person gets the feeling to have all the luxury the actors have and to add to it the habits that the actors do have a lot to do with the way a person looks at life.

If we look at films from an artistic point of view the movies that have been made by the director will always have an own touch to it.

Art can help to build on the varios ways a movie can be watched for example a plot in a movie this can different from every persons point of view.

How has films impacted society by including the daily affairs that are prevailing in society?

Most of the times we see that people are worried about what will happen to the society after watching some movies these kinds of movies are mainly dealing with the political aspect of the society and it also speaks about the government and how it will go about it this plays mind games on the public and trick them into thinking that they are in a trap most of the time actors create a negative idea into a person’s mind.

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How have movies impacted lives, both positively and negatively?

When we see the plus point of movies it teaches us a lot of ethics and moral values which we sometimes forget to learn from home for example to wear a seat belt in a car and also before the movie could start they play statutory warnings to give information to the people that to stop whatever bad habits they are doing for example smoking and drinking.

If we look at the downside to it promotes unnecessary actives like drinking and smoking because an individual gets very easily influenced by looking at their favorite actors doing it. Sometimes we also see how women are treated very badly in certain movies, thus it adds on to the negative part of it.

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