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Essay on Listening

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Reading vs. Listening to Music

Music and Reading both can be enjoyed any where and are good hobbies that can have a positive and negative influence on a person. Phones now are able download music and e-books so it makes them portable. Even though books don't require electricity, music does.(The exception is live music). If your device for listening to music runs out of battery, you are unable to listen to music. On the other ha...

Listening skills

Workplace civility is important because you need a peaceful environment not everyone jumping at each other’s throat or making fun of each other. Also you need somewhere that you feel comfortable at somewhere that you actually want to go if you are afraid to go to work than most people won’t go. The boss should deal with it if he hears that employees are making fun of each other or harassing ea...

Active listening

Active listeners let people know they care about what is being said and help the speaker articulate the true meaning of their thoughts and the true source of their feelings. Active listening not only requires understanding and remembering what is being said but evaluating and interpreting what is being heard. Seth S. Horowitz of New York Times said in one of the New York Times articles, " The ric...

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Critical Listening Paper

I especially liked the way that she catered her speech to her audience. In my opinion, there weren’t issues that the speaker should have addressed but did not. The speech was succinct and effective. The conclusion of the speech, however, was either too long or too short. I could not tell whether the ending was part of the body and the conclusion was just extremely short, or whether the conclusio...

Speech: Advantages of listening to English songs

Last but not least, listening to English songs would surely bring you a correct collocation. Collocation is the cultural context and placement of words. It is what sounds natural to native speakers. It usually doesn’t have much logic to it, and it’s almost impossible to teach. It is something that’s acquired with time and contact with the language in authentic cultural contexts. Songs tell s...

Listening Songs From My Pop Music Playlist

The song Other Side represent Charlie’s mistake through his life. “I thought it up it brought up the past/Once you know you can never go back” make representation of the regrets Charlie had because of his childhood. Through the book we can see that Charlie makes mistakes, after and before the operation, so this song represent it perfectly. The song could be played at the end of the movie, as...

Listening Skill is a neglected Art

Persuasion has always been a question. When we communicate, we may be understood by other people but we seldom persuade their minds most especially if what we say is against or far even more opposite to what other people see from us. This explains what William Shakespeare said, “Action is Eloquence”. It is through actions where we give judgements, fulfilments and realizations to all that have ...

Speech, Language and Communication

Language is a form of communication that can be spoken or written, and uses words and symbols in a stuctured way. It also referes to the way in which meaning is communicated, including expression, gestures and body language. This is the way in which we exchange information, thoughts or feelings through different media. Communication is important because it makes us understand what others want to t...

Reading a Book vs Listening to an Audio Book

In closing, both hardcopy books and audio books both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is a possible way to solve the wonders of both by spending the extra money on a portable e-book device. In consideration of choosing one way of deception, reading a book provides a more vivid and imaginable story in our minds compared to audio books being seemingly less interesting, but more accessi...

My hobby (listening music)

Music has many different meaning to it. In order for me to understand a song, I have to listen to the song over and over again. If someone gave me a pop quiz on music, I would most likely pass the pop quiz. I am not the type that does not have a life. I have a life, but in the meantime I listen to music when I am bored. I might listen to a great amount of music but I do not know how to do have of ...

Listening Journal

Through the use of effective communication skills, the conversation became a win/win thing for both of us. I found out that his tardiness is due to his lack of motivation to come to work. By addressing the reasons why he is not as motivated as before, we have also addressed his tardiness issue.  This coaching session made me realize that conversations can be successful as long us both parties dem...

The Factors That Affect Listening

One may have a people-oriented listening style that focus on the emotional and relational aspects of communication, a content-oriented listening style where a person likes more complex information, action-oriented listeners prefer clear, precise information, while time-oriented listeners prefer short limited messages. While the factors that affect the process of listening are more complex than peo...

Empathetic Listening

I will do this by using the component Mindfulness and incorporating empathetic listening which will assist me in focusing on the moment and giving people my full attention during a conversation. In the component Emotional Intelligence I will incorporate empathetic listening to allow others to express their emotions and be more open to me so I can relate to them on more than one level. This will he...

Important of Listening

Without the skill of listening, there can be no language learning, and hence no communication . Therefore, listening comprehension is a highly integrative skill. It plays an important role in the process of language learning/acquisition, facilitating the emergence of other language skills. For these reasons, learners of foreign language, including students at Tay Bac University, need to have an aw...

Effects of Listening Music

Finally, the music may bring changes to our breathing and heart rate. Elizabeth sates that, music can help to prevent stress. Stress often occur when we are doing same tasks everyday or doing one thing at a time. Music can help to decrease our stress. Music can also be used to help to bring self awareness such as meditation. Meditation and music are function as whole and help to increase usefulnes...

The Art of Listening: an Analysis

What he learned that day, I think ended up filtering down through all aspects of his life, humbling him, making him a better person. A light switch was flipped on somewhere inside his brain, he was witnessing a change in his character, his thinking and his behavior, so much so, that he did not recognize himself at first. He said, it seemed like the life of another, as he made the transformation fr...

Listening Distractions

The key to contending with these distractions are to practice the speech, become comfortable with the topic, know how long the speech will last, film the practice session and identify personal traits that may cause distraction. Have someone listen to the speech to identify patterns or behaviors that may be offensive or controversial. Understand the message, what is the purpose of the speech; focus...

Active and Empathetic Listening: Listen Up!

Furthermore, if your goal is to get the job it would be to your benefit to demonstrate your ability to hold a professional and productive conversation with people that you may not personally know.  In this way, if you are an active and empathetic listener, the employer will have confidence in you as a potential representative for that particular organization.  These techniques will build trust a...

localized listening materials in English classroom instruction for fourth graders

Listening Comprehension Listening comprehension is the most forgotten skills in second language learning, because the listening was paid the least attention of the four language skills. This neglect gets the fact that the teachers do not spend more time on students' listening and look for ways of improving students' listening skills. Unfortunately, it is supposed that listening comprehension is a ...

localized listening materials in English classroom instruction

According to Azizifar et al., (2010) for Iranian EFL learners textbooks are the basic origin of direct experience with English .Thus, high school localized materials should be edited , modified, and they should accommodate learners with chances to communicate with the textbooks that encourage them to learn English and willingness to communicate in or out of the classroom. Therefore, the authors of...

Varying Definitions of Listening in Correlation with

There are several ways active listening can improve a relationship. Listening should be more than just waiting for your turn speak or argue back, it is a skill. By listening, true listening, it should give a person a better understanding or grasp of what the other party's trying to convey and what the other person's feelings are. When having a conversation with a person it is important to show inv...

The Importance of Listening to Others

Our original goal was to improve its public facilities. We designed a central square and a community service center; both are under construction now. What also caught my mind is when the village head told me that many of the villagers suffer from hereditary neurodegenerative disorders, and most of the people do not seek treatment because of poverty. I seemed to hear their voices from the silence, ...

Assessing Listening

Cassell Educational Limited -Fulcher, G & Davidson, F (2007) Language Testing and Assessment. An advanced resource book. Routledge -Gipps, C and Stobart, G (1993) Assessment (2nd ed). A teachers’ Guide to the Issues. Hodder & Stoughton -Harrison, A. (1983) A language testing handbook. London. Macmillan Press. -Heaton, J B (1975) Writing English Language Tests. London: Longman -Hughes, A. (1989) ...

Customer Relations – company culture and listening

Honda on the other hand is a company that enjoys a collective effort open culture. The team members work collectively along with the high level managers and are treated equally. The opinion of the teams’ members matter equally as that of any other high level manager of the company and this culture of theirs determines their never ending success. The consideration for it’s employees is the high...

Listening and Speaking Skill

At times it can be useful to encourage children to use their home language, for example when organising initial ideas. In conclusion Although the requirement to teach speaking and listening is found in the programmes of study for English, surely the best practice embeds this teaching in all subjects across the curriculum. Embedding speaking and listening across the curriculum builds on strengths a...

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