Life Before the Internet and After

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Life was much more difficult before people had the internet in the home to help them with studying, looking information up, working, and entertainment. Without the internet doing all of that was hard. Things then were slow, a really hard task now could take an hour by internet. Such as contacting Saudi Arabia from U.S take less than 5 minutes, on the other hand it could take a month back then. However, once the internet became available in 1980s. These dreaded tasks became much more manageable and even pleasant by comparison.

Life has changed dramatically since the invention of the internet.

Before the internet was invented, everything was slow and manual. First of all, how people used to contacting each other. They had to write massages with their own hand writing. Then you have to buy stamps, then go to the post office and leave it there, you have to wait for a replay. All of this fatigue and suffering in order to send a message.

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Second, reading the newspapers, which is really large to carry with you and exhausting to read with the really small tiny font, and to many pages to cover just to know what happening around the world of news. Third, before the internet if you want to talk to some buddy or see some buddy, you have to meet him because no another way. Fourth, to shop you have to go to the mall and search for what you need in every store ,even if you found it you might not find your size or the color you want.

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After the internet was invented, life became way easier. First of all, you can send whatever you want and it wouldn't take even five minutes, and receiving as will and it can include pictures any many other features. Second, reading the news isn't like how it was now you can surf the internet without any hardship every newspapers have their own website so you can discover the news through it. Third, after the internet was invented you can
chat with any buddy worldwide and you can see each other no need to meet in reality and there are many applications and website that allows you to do that even for free!!. Fourth, no need to go shopping everything is available in the internet and no need to worry about sizes and colors, on the other hand some people still prefer to go shopping their selfs. However, internet not just allow you to shop from your country it allows you to shop from stores overseas as will, and if you didn't like what on the unreal store you can customize whatever you want!.

To sum up, life has greatly improved since the invention of the internet. Whereas in the past, people spent a great deal of time to do one off the Previous tasks. Today they can simply do whatever they want in the internet. I have heart that some people still use old fashion instead of using internet. Others, just value the " good old days ' and want to keep the tradition alive.

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Life Before the Internet and After
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