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Think Before You Act Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 5 (1002 words)

In our fast-paced world, where everything revolves around you, arises a strong need to be able to think quickly and make decisions instantly. However, as the tendency shows, people opt to take hasty decisions, instead of slowing down and thinking over. Because of these impulsive actions, they have to face the consequence that may be far from those expected. To avoid the undependable outcome, we need to learn the golden rule – think before you act. It sounds simplistic and primitive, however, as the practice shows, turn to be unknown and inapplicable by the vast majority of people.

Here comes the moment, when you release that there is a need to change something, otherwise many aspects of your life will get worth, and many taken decisions may turn faulty. Imagine a situation, when you decided to upload an individual photo onto your social network profile. This hasty decision may turn unserious; however, if you deepen in this issue enough, you will realize that it may cause a negative result.

For instance, it may be used by any criminals or posted somewhere without your permission.

Make an effort and change your attitude to the life and situations, which may demand a serious approach from you. As show the life experience of adults, they feel regret after taking hasty decisions, as those may cause inevitable changes and results. Bear in mind the fact, that your choice or impulsive act, not only influences you, but also those people, who surround you. Imagine a situation – you decided to visit a specific place with your friends and relatives. Everything may seem all right, without apparent hazards. However, it is always a good idea to think over the possible dangerous things and unexpected situations in advance. Most probably, nothing terrible will happen. However, you will be able to predict situations and be ready to face and solve the potential difficulties. Think, before you act! It may make you stronger and enable to solve any complicated issue that may spontaneously arise.

It is important to think over before acting, as it can prevent from unpleasant situations not only you but also your friends and relatives. A habit to take just deliberate decisions and then acting may positively influence all spheres of your life. What is more, it may change everything for the better. This habit will allow you to decrease the number of unpleasant situations. The chances to save your time and nerves will significantly increase. Undoubtedly, you will not be able to predict all the unpleasant things waiting for you in future; it is impossible. However, you can make a habit of thinking in advance and be ready to face any situations.

As soon as you start thinking before acting, you will be able to see, how your life will positively transform. People, who act spontaneously more frequently undergo unpleasant situation and show a tendency to regret their decisions. It may seem not very serious; however, if you dig deeper, you will discover that they are less happy. Because of always being under pressure of stressful events and negative experience caused by taking of hasty decisions, people become annoyed and exhausted. The biggest problem is that they do not realize that it is their fault. They are not able to understand that wit works woe. We are responsible for everything that happens to us, so thinking before acting may be a useful strategy enabling to prevent us from unpleasant consequences.

As is often the case in situations, which demands self-control and patient approach, we tend to make hasty decision relying on our feelings and emotions, overlooking and ignoring the logical choices. As a result, we have to face the consequences, which do not always match with our expectations. It is good when such situations happen rarely. Then, you can tell, that people are not machines and sometimes they tend to mistake. However, there are also those, for whom taking hasty decisions is a norm and a way of life. For such people, everything is much more complicated. They get used to that way of life and are not able to take well-grounded decisions and act patiently and rationally.

At a certain period of life, people who are used to taking hasty decisions and acting spontaneously, they come to the point, when they realize that it is time to slow down and become more down to earth. For the reason of making hasty decisions, many aspects of life can undergo adverse changes. Many situations, especially those needing severe approach, cannot be solved overnight. One has to focus on the issue and compare all pros and cons of the possible solutions. It helps to choose the best option. In a modern, fast-paced world we are in the constant pursuit of success and development, people act quickly and there many negative consequences. Primarily, it can wrongly influence the result. Moreover, consistent need to take decisions immediately does not allow to simply enjoy the life. We lose valuable moments because cannot concentrate and penetrate deeply in things that may bring us joy and pleasure. As a result, each person is under stress and faces the urgent need to contact the psychologists and take antidepressants.

Overall taking hasty and quick decisions and acting before thinking brings no good. This strategy proved to be unsuccessful and even harmful. People suffer from their acts, which could be avoided if they had spent enough time in the decision-making process. It is a crucial thing to realize that quickly does not mean right. Thinking increases the effectiveness of your acts. What is more, it allows excluding all the wrong actions. Bear in mind the fact that thought does not mean that you have to spend long hours trying to choose the right path. On the contrary, it means looking for the optimal way allowing reaching the result you want. Even if the time is limited, it is possible to spend few minutes or even second and act correctly, avoiding the consequences, which may make you regret.

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