Think Before You Act Essay

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Think Before You Act

Today’s generation is very modern. high-tech and fast paced. Everything that is happening is so quick. There may be a time you will not notice that your life has changed on a single snap. Everything what people want, everything people want to say and everything people do is immediate. Everything people need is just a click away. Without knowing, troubles and regrets are also a click away. Many suffer on their own instant decisions and actions without thinking. Some people are the victims of what they do. Some people act without thinking but some also are those who keep on thinking without acting. Better yet, before doing something, THINK. Stop, think, think again and act. For example, you wanted to post in your facebook account, twitter or in other social networks. Think if what would be the possible reactions of the people who can read it. You might don’t know it but still think of what would be. Another, you upload pictures to the internet where you will lose control of it for it can be copied or even can be displayed by anyone and anywhere without your consent.

Think. Will you be glad for everyone to see or use your pictures? You and your friends decided to visit a place. Think if it could take you to risks or troubles. Think about what could happen before you go, so that you can prepare and set-up plans to keep you and your companions safe and sound. It is very important to think before you act. When you make spontaneous decisions, over and over again you will look back at the consequences and regret the decisions. We are human and along the way, we make mistakes but learn from those mistakes. People commit mistakes but only the wise ones learn from their mistakes. Be one of wise men. Instead of feeling like a failure or a disappointment, use the failure as the weapon to take back control of yourself, your life. Do not allow your failure to be the reason or as an excuse for you to keep on making errors in your life. Think. God who is all good has given us this ability, so use it for the better too.

Think before you act. Always bear in mind that in everything we do, we should think first before acting upon then. It cannot just help our own selves but it can also improve our relationships with our friends, family as well to our souls. Since you are thinking before doing something, you go through life without regretting in every decision you make. Does anyone wanted to get into trouble? None, I believe. So, take time to think before you act out and you will come up with something right away to get yourself out of the dilemma.

You can see how much better a situation can be, just by thinking first and making better decisions, better acts. Everyday, many people regret and are troubled to decisions and acts they made. But if we take a moment in time to think through what could be the consequences of those actions are, we can all be better. Be patient. Get into a habit of Slow down, Stop, Think, Think again then Act. It will help you to have control of your feelings, thoughts and behavior. Moreover, it will keep you from lots of regrets and troubles. Take a moment in your time to take into your heart to think before you act. Slow down, stop. Think, think again then act.

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