If I could travel back in time before the revolution I would

If I could travel back in time before the revolution, I would have to choose to be a farmer in Pennsylvania specifically. Why? Will because it was a prosperous colony allowing everyone to have economic opportunity. In the middle colonies, I would be the proprietorship owning my farm. Farming in Pennsylvania had many attributes compared to the other colonies. There were many economic opportunities such as the climate which helped rich wheat-growing area and would contribute to shipping wheat, corn, and bread to the Caribbean for profit.

My second choice would be a governor because I would take control of the colony I'm serving for. The only limitation of the job would be not paying me for the job and rebelling such as Bacon's Rebellion.

The opportunities given to colonists were land, which spurred settlers to travel to the region seeking religious freedom and economic success. The Europeans fled from persecution to come to a new land and worship to their own will.

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They had privilege, but it limited because Britain passed laws that affected the colonies. Britain passed trade laws that taxed all goods imported and exported from the provinces. As the lives of the Native people starts to change with the arrival of the settlers they did receive resources from them. Indians received from the colonist which were iron and metal tools. But the limitations which Native peoples had were not having protection from diseases that colonists brought with them, such as smallpox. Other restrictions were their land being conquered from the settlers to grow territorial expansion which was eager to maintain their wealth.

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Treaties were made between the two, but many times those treaties were broken.

The ones who had the least power were Native Americans while the Colonists had the most power. First the Colonists, they conquered and destroyed the Indian community and took their food away. This was an economic opportunity for gaining more. When the English landed, the dominant tribe of the area was the Powhatan. At first, the Powhatan thought that these new people might be able to aid them in their effort for land and power over the other tribes in the area. Eventually, that wasn't the case.

Not only did the Colonist come and took Native Americans land but their lives change. Colonial life was tough for the hopeful settlers who came to escape poverty, persecution, and to gain religious freedom. In Europe and the new world, women were pressured to stand in the shadows of men, but the role of women look more progressively accepting in colonial communities.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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