Life after Death: Unfamiliar Facts

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Life after death is discussed in almost every religion but Islam is only religion who erase all ambiguity regarding it and place ultimate facts of life after death.

What is Life After Death in Islam?

Death is reality. Every religion has its own paradigm about death. According to Islam, death is a threshold of new world. World is a new world. Islam also gives the concept of Resurrection or a Day of Judgement. And on the day of judgement reward and punishment will be assigned to human beings.

In Islam, the period after death and before resurrection day is also explained. When a person dies and lies in the grave. Angels visit him; angels of blessings or angels of punishment. There he is asked about certain questions; questions regarding religion, lord and prophet and then according to his earnings in the world(earning does not mean money or property rather it is meant one’s deed). According to the track record of that person, it is decided that his grave will be a garden of heavens of pit of hell.

After it, there will be a day of judgement. Allah will order his honored angel to blow a horn. The sound of horns will be so frightening that all the world will get ruined, no living being will survive. After the death of everything, except those who will not die by Allah’s intention. Again the horn will blow and all the dead ones stand out and run towards a great ground.

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Mountains will fly as balls of cotton and ground will be plain. Every living being will face a trial. His deeds will measure and day of judgment will place. And how does everyone find the reward of one’s action in the world and face the penalty of his vices?

Quranic Verses and Allah’s Words

Qur’an is a religious book of Muslims who enforces the reality of life after death. Qur’an reveals the reality of death and makes authenticity that every creature will be back to Allah. There is no way to flee.

Qur’an teaches to keep morals and make it easier for other people. Qur’an implies that the form of lifestyle after death will be quite different from what one can think. There will be rewards for those who stick with the Touheed and do good deeds. One the other hand, those who cause pain in the world and hurt humankind reject the concept of Tawheed and will face a penalty. All will rise again in those forms in which they were born. Qur’an has pictured the scenario of day of judgement which is worth telling. It warns all human beings from the ultimate end and makes them prepare themselves for the day of judgement. So, how will the day of judgment will place and how losers and winners will announce and all the scenarios have been described in Qur’an in detail so no one stays ignored by the ultimate reality and prepares oneself for that great day; A Day of Judgment.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Teaching

Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) has taught the lesson of ultimate obedience to human kind and make them enable to accept the reality that Allah is one and He is only who deserve worship. He has awakened the inner eye of oneself and exposed reality of a man in the universe. Through the spiritual awakening acts, he directed the man towards Allah and forced humans to prepare themselves as the great believers of Allah; which is ultimate success on your behalf. According to the Holy Prophet(S.A.W), the connection of soul and body is very deep. It is an undeniable reality that all human beings will stand up, after death, as they were before in their age when they were alive and back to Allah.

This compels us to believe that the life after death is not hollow solo rather it is authentic because it is the ultimate truth, there is a strong relationship of soul and body.

As it is an undeniable fact, there will be a day of judgment in the near future so it is better to prepare oneself and plant your better future with your hands. As you sow; you will reap.

Punishment and Disobedience

Punishment and disobedience will be another form of penalty. On the day of judgement, all the records will be placed and then deeds of every creature, who is supposed to be responsible, will be measured. All data of every one regarding one self is recorded clearly, no one can refuse by its action.

Those people who refused from the verses of Allah and ignore his presence and do not live his life according to instruction will face serious punishment in the turn of disobedience that he made.

The disbelievers and those people who disobedient the Allah will throw in hell. In hell, they will face a particular intensity of penalty, that intensity with which they do sins in the world. Every creature, every human, every jinn, every demon will find its penalty.

But oneself seek hope for kindness in this World from Allah as Allah is most merciful and benevolent. May Allah forgive us and strengthen us to say no to every vice and give us peace and shelter from this doomed place (Ameen).

Reward and Obedience

Reward will only for those who believe in Oneness of God, stay good in the world, and carry the virtues in their record book. The people who spend their lives according to instruction, worshiped Allah only and perform good deeds will go to heaven, as it is a promise of Allah.

It clearly meant that every human being is here due to a certain purpose; the purpose of worship of Allah. It will realize a man that he has not sent in this world for merry making and create chaos rather there is certain purposes behind every life. The ultimate goal is, of course, accept Allah as being One and try to satisfy him with your performances and deeds.

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