Lebron James Encourages Basketball

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At the same time, LeBron James may impact many children to play basketball and gain higher education chances through his strong individualism. The result is pushing the development of basketball and education. LeBron James is without a doubt one of the greatest athletes of this generation and arguably the greatest of all time. He has guided his international reach, impact, and enthusiasm into making the lives of the residents within his community and the greater world better. “With education as his driving force of change, the LeBron James Family Foundation is not only spreading that impact and improving the lives of inner-city students and families but also shifting the course of an entire community in a new direction.

”(LeBron James Family Foundation) One of the basketball stars’ greatest achievements came in the form of his public school which he boldly named “I Promise School”. It’s a public elementary school founded in conjunction with his charity the LeBron James Family Foundation.

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The I Promise School will help fight back the challenges that these elementary school students face in their daily lives and help them stay in school.

The ‘I PROMISE’ school provides the students that attend resources that are readily available at any time, better access to prospects, support in different areas of skill development, constant support, and it also helps provide support to more than the 1,300 students in Akron Public School and to their parents. The students who graduate from the ‘I Promise’ school has all been promised scholarships if they choose to attend college.

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“The I Promise School – is taking an innovative approach to providing a challenging, supportive, and life-changing education, creating a new model for urban public education” (‘I Promise School – Lebron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools, 2020).

LeBron doesn’t just stop in his hometown when it comes to charity. He has also funded several charity ventures outside of Akron. LeBron James donated $2.5 million dollars in 2016 to help fund an exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture for an exhibit that paid homage to the boxing superstar Muhammad Ali. This display appropriately named “Muhammad Ali: A Force for Change” traverses two parts of the museum paying devotion to Ali, one part of the exhibit celebrates his glamorous boxing career and the other part commemorates his social activism both of coming together to tell the tale of who Ali was. He was joined in this donation by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. LeBron has said that Ali was an important inspiration to him as an athlete but also as a champion of justice (Berman, n.d.).

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