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Learning English Essay Examples

Essay on Learning English

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The Benefits of Learning English

In conclusion, it is very important to learn a second language especially English. It gives many benefits such as in social or in business. And that doesn't mean that Arabic is not important. Arabic is the language of the holy Quraan and every Muslim must know it. There is a saying says 'what is learnt young is hard to lose'. As a result, learning English in Saudi Arabia must begin from kinder gar...

Language Acquisition and Being Bilingual

Bilingual adults have a clear edge in business world. By being able to communicate in two languages, you have twice as many opportunities to land a great job. Being bilingual makes it easier to travel, find a job and belong to this new global world inside and outside of the U.S. Children’s brains are primed for the necessary language skill developments in a way that adults’ aren’t. Many of ...

My Experience About Learning English

With an enormous stor of excellent assaysin our heads,we will find it much easier to express ourselves in English.finally,it is critical that we should put what we learnt into practice.by doing more reading ,writing, listening and speaking ,we will be able to accomplish the task of perfecting our English. Learning any language takes a lot of effort.but don’t give up.relax!be patient and enjoy yo...

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Learning English by Idioms Denoting Parts of Body

Almost every body idiom is related to human being, to its behaviour, qualities and everyday life. Understanding of the metaphorical meaning of idiomatic phrases is related to everyday experience and the world around us. It causes that metaphors are very important in people’s lives. This is whyone should know idioms especially when he is learning language. Metaphors are part of the language. If o...

A Research About Reasons Make People Not Learning English Easily

Oxford. 15-17. Fran Lehr, M. A, Jean Osborn, M. Ed. and Dr. lfrieda H. Hiebert, A Focus On Vocabulary Kennedy, C. & Bolitho, R. (eds. ) 1984: English for Specific Purposes. London: Macmillan. Jeremy Harmer and Richard Rossner, More Than Words, part A, unit 3, 29. McCarthy, M. 1990: Vocabulary. Oxford: O. U. P Moats, L. C. (2001). Overcoming the language gap. American Educator, 25, 5, 8-9. Nguy...

An Effective Technique and Material in Learning English

It is realized when teaching the students; we should choose the songs with suitable level of difficulty. The suitability of the song is a particularly important issue. It should be known whether or not the students like the song. The use of Singing Procedure There are various ways of using songs in the classroom. The level of the students, the interests and the age of the learners, the grammar poi...

Learning English for Adults

Not only is learning English as an adult a great idea that will help you as your travel, but it is also a great way to enhance your career. There are many companies that are always looking for employees that can speak English. So, being able to speak the English language is a great selling point when you are applying for a job. As the job market becomes more globalized, it will continue to become ...

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