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RFID (radio frequency identification)
Words • 387
Pages • 2
RFID (radio frequency identification) is a new technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, or person. An RFID system consists of three components: an antenna and transceiver (often combined into one reader) and a transponder (the tag). The antenna uses radio frequency waves to transmit a signal that activates the transponder. When activated, the tag transmits data back to the antenna. The…...
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Xm Radio
Words • 608
Pages • 3
Aqualisa Case Questions 1. What is Quartz value proposition to customers? To plumbers? 2. Why is the Quartz shower not selling? 3. What should Rowlinson to do to generate sales momentum for the Quartz product? What is the best action plan in terms of targeting? Should he lower the price? 2. B&D case question 1. What is the cause of B&D 9% share and Makita's 50% share? 2. Describe buyer behavior of tradesmen. 2. Analyze the competitive situation 3. Choose…...
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Analyzing radio station logos
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Pages • 9
We began our practical production by analyzing radio station logos. We found that many logos were simple, colourful and effective. Many of the logos went straight to the point, such as 'classic fm', this clearly shows us that it was for a older people who listen to classical music, and the simple logo it had clearly shows us that for people who wouldn't want to listen to hyperactive music. The following work at the bottom was my research: Radio Channels…...
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The National Radio of Mali
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Pages • 5
The French colonizers realized early on that the press could be of great use in this business of conquest and domination. So in all its colonized states France had its media outlets disseminating messages. During the last years of the colonial period (until 1960) some political parties and unions created their own publications allowing for some levels of pluralism of voices in the country. The national radio of Mali was established in 1957 as a state institution. During the period…...
News MediaNewspaperPolicyRadio In English
Radio Access to Students
Words • 1957
Pages • 8
Scope of study The scope of this study to analyse how accessible radio to students, what are some environmental factors that affect Rembau's students' listening habits and their level of satisfaction that they derive from listening to radio. This research will conduct in Faculty of Communications and Media Studies among MassComm student UiTM Rembau that randomly pick among them. The total of respondent is depend on Krejcie Morgan table for determining sample size from a given population among MassComm student.…...
ElectricityHabitNewsRadio In EnglishStudentTechnology
Words • 1981
Pages • 8
BARANGAY PALICO 1 ONLINE RESIDENT MANAGEMENT WITH RADIO FREQUENCY CARD IDENTIFICATIONAlviar, Mario Victorio P.Ca±ete, Jose Joaquin U.Olives, Kim Martel M.An undergraduate thesis submitted to the faculty of the Department of Computer Studies, Cavite State University " Imus Campus, City of Imus, Cavite in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Contribution No.______. Prepared under the supervision of Mr. Carlo P.MalabananINTRODUCTIONInformation Technology in our country is in-demand for progress Computer-based information retrieval…...
InformationManagementRadio In English
Mass Media in Great Britain
Words • 956
Pages • 4
The media play a central role in Britain's daily life, informing and educating, questioning and challenging - and of course - entertaining. In recent years the availability of more radio frequencies, together with satellite, cable and microwave transmissions, has already made a greater number of local, national and international services possible. The transition from analogue to digital transmission technology is now expanding this capacity enormously. The Internet is providing, increasingly, an additional medium for information, entertainment and communication. Television and…...
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