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Different Types of Essay
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English Grammar is oft compromised in the pursuit of other, tougher subjects. Truth be told, the grammar paper is not difficult per se. However unlikely it might sound, getting a 97+ in English is possible by studying smart for the Grammar paper. In this article, we break down the Grammar paper and analyse each part in detail. The Composition The Composition consists of a huge portion of the paper, and it takes the most time to complete. Enough option is…...
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How to Improve Your English?
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Recommendations on how to improve English language skills.English is now the international language .So it is very important to learn English well. We should study English in the correct way, so that we can make the most of the time we spend learning English. Discovering ways to improve their English is a problem which baffles many students. There are three ways to improve English First of all, We have to learn many English words and study English grammar in great…...
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English grammar
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Read the passage given below: and answer the questions a, b, c, and d that follow: [25] A list of queries on email asks recipients to name the world’s richest man in 2008; the winner of the world’s golf title in 2007; the designer of the first rockets; the manufacturer of the first bicycle and so on? building up a roll call of achievers who left their mark on mankind. It ended with, “Who was the teacher who helped you…...
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The speech emergence stage
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Students undergo with this stage can use the language to communicate with the use of minimal amount of critical thinking. They can learn 3000 words which they can practice using by constructing simple phrases and sentences. Also during this stage, students may manage to tell easy stories and start modeling their speech, not by imitation of that of their friends but what they believed is much easier to say. Little conversations are commonly valued on this stage, therefore, students are…...
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Systemic Functional Grammar
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Systemic functional grammar (SFG) is a form of grammatical description originated by Michael Halliday. Michael Halliday (born 13 April 1925) is a British linguist who developed the internationally influential systemic functional linguistic model of language. His grammatical descriptions go by the name of systemic functional grammar (SFG). Halliday describes language as a semiotic system, "not in the sense of a system of signs, but a systemic resource for meaning". For Halliday, language is a "meaning potential"; by extension, he defines…...
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10 Tips to Improve Your English Pronunciation
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Everyone can speak English clearly the first thing you should know is that everyone can speak English with a clear pronunciation; everybody has a mouth, a tongue and lips. Everyone can speak every language because there is no difference between human; we are all born with the same mechanism. English environment if you really want to improve your English pronunciation, you should be surrounded by English every day, which means the best thing, is to be in a place where…...
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English as the Most Widespread language
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Crystal begin “ English as a Global Language” by asking what means for a language to be global ,and what the advantages and disadvantages of having a global language. There is no official definition of “global” or “world” language, but it essentially refers to a language that is learned and spoken internationally, and is characterized not onlty by number of its native and second language speakers, but also by its geographical distribution, and its use in international organizations and in…...
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Pros and cons of English being the international lingua franca
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English speakers in the world including those who are in the inner circle, outer circle and expanding circle had reached to 380 millions of people since 2001. The finding shows how influential English Language is. Gradually, English become the international lingua franca, “utilized outside of the country or countries of its origin.”( Subject Area - English Language Essays) The Lingua Franca There are both pros and cons of English becoming the international lingua franca. English is the best candidate language…...
CircleEnglishEnglish GrammarEnglish SpeakingPros and cons
Subject-Verb Agreement in Sindhi and English
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Abstract In this paper, the researchers particularly investigated the subject verb agreement in Sindhi and English languages. English and Sindhi are two entirely different languages. There are differences in their phonology, morphology and syntax also. In this paper, the researchers examined the difference between one of the aspects of syntax, specially the difference between subject verb agreements in both the languages. Syntactically English is a head initial SVO language and Sindhi is a head Final SOV language. These two languages…...
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How to Improve Your English?
...English is now the international language .So it is very important to learn English well. We should study English in the correct way, so that we can make the most of the time we spend learning English. Discovering ways to improve their English is a p...

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