Leadership Through Motivation & Communication


There is a need for there to be global Receptionist training. The identification of the main issues/problem, the purpose of this paper is the breakdown of training and communication that had taken place when the Receptionist Rhonda improperly recorded a message that a client had left. Receptionists described by Reception Trainer Mary-Ann Nicholson, know from the start that they are important and valued members of the team (Journal of European Industrial Training 1992).

The Nature of Problem

Kia and Shelley are both Case Workers at the Burlington County Welfare Board that is located at 795 Woodlane Rd.

, Westampton, NJ 08060. Whenever a Case Worker is off they have an assigned Alternate Case Worker who will handle their caseload. One day, Kia was off and since Shelley is her Alternate Case Worker, she had to take over her caseload. While Shelley was with one of her own clients, a client called and spoke with Rhonda the Receptionist wanting to speak with her Case Worker Kia.

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When the Rhonda informed the client that her Case Worker was not in but her Case Worker’s Alternate will assist her, she replied and said, “I just want to know why I am no longer receiving my same SNAP Social Services Benefits as I always have in the past just because Donald Trump want to build an unnecessary wall on the border of Mexico which caused a government shutdown? What does him not being able to get an unnecessary wall built on the border of Mexico have to do with me not receiving my benefits to feed my family? Even if I had my benefits, some markets are not even accepting EBT payments, I have no cash on hand, and nowhere else to turn for help.

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” Rhonda the Receptionist asked the client for her name and she says, “Lonnie” and begins crying uncontrollable then the phone hangs up. Later, when Shelley checked her messages, she noticed that Rhonda only recorded the client’s first name “Lonnie” and part of the nature of the message. Shelley looked in the system with the client’s first name only and noticed that there are over two hundred clients with that same first name of Lonnie. Since Rhonda the Receptionist did not get the client’s last name or last four of their social security number and the phone system is down, how can Shelley find out who the client was to give them the proper information that they so desperately need?

Points of view to consider:

  • Kia – Case Worker
  • Shelley – Alternate Case Worker
  • Rhonda – Receptionist
  • Lonnie – Client

Reasoning for Problem

The reasoning for the problem is that the message that the Receptionist Rhonda had taken did not include the necessary information that was needed in the message. Training and collaborative options are a few of the alternatives that can be taken into consideration. With the use of universal theories, models, and concepts, on the perspectives that support knowledge that can be done through a review progress.

List of Best/Combination of Alternatives

Inadequate receptionist performance demonstrates the need for leadership at different levels to motivate and train people to perform as needed. Receptionist training can be taken into consideration as an analysis and evaluation of the main issues/problems. It will consist of training such as how to answer the phone with a specific greeting, how to record a message with initially asking the client or caller to give you their name and telephone number. Then ask who would they like to speak with and what is the nature of the call? When a decision has been made where the call should be placed, either a business or client, then the client can give either their last four of their social security number or case number.

Since Rhonda the Receptionist did not get the client’s last name and the phone system just went down, Shelley can only find out who the client was to give them the proper information that they so desperately need by waiting for Kia to come back into work. She is the one who knows what current client name “Lonnie” is on her caseload because there was no other definite information that was recorded. The issues that are trying to be solved in this scenario is that the client who need to know exactly why she is no longer receiving benefits and why her benefits were directly affect by Donald Trump shutting down the government and also the receptionist who did not record all of the necessary information that was needed.

Creating New Options to Satisfy Interests

In creating new options to satisfy interests, valuing the diversity in the problem solving process links to the course readings. Additional research is adhered to by taking action for the best solution in the decision-making process to satisfy all of the parties who were involved. During negotiations, the importance of organizational culture, the state of workplace diversity, planning, and task coordination are priority. Options for solving the problem is being able to look in the system to read the previous notes left by the Case Worker Kia in order to let the client know why they are no longer receiving their benefits. This solution will satisfy everyone’s interests so that the Receptionist Rhonda would know what is needed and expected of her as a Reception as well as Kia’s Alternate Case Worker Shelley. This will also allow the client to be made aware of what is needed of them so that their social services benefits can be reinstated. If that is not the case, they can be made aware that Donald Trump shut down the government because he’s unwilling to compromise and because he’s embarked on an unnecessary ego-driven vanity project.

Implementation of the Conflict Resolution Results

Evaluating effective solutions, the implementation and improvement of acceptable solutions (compromises or agreements) in team performance and team building will be done. Goal setting and performance management through motivating the employees to become fulfilled, stronger, and happier to be proud of the work that they do. Anticipated risks such as trust, learning of new concepts, personality, and ability are factors that must be considered as well. As a leader, I will keep employees motivated in the workplace while implementing the importance of a positive work environment through teams, support and empower employees by being an excellent listener, use incentives as rewards, communicate about general topics outside of the organization, and partner in the flow of work. The best solution is to inform Rhonda the Receptionist on the importance of recording a message in detail to ensure that clients like “Lonnie” are able to receive the best possible service that the company has to offer.


In conclusion, the summarization of my research of collaborative problem-solving, the Receptionist Rhonda must make it a daily habit of asking all clients in the initial conversation for their telephone number, full complete name, last four of their social security number, and case number first, just in case they are disconnected. This should be done differently in the future to prevent this scenario from ever happening again. This supports my thesis statement, “According to the identification of the main issues/problem, the purpose of this paper is the breakdown of training and communication that had taken place when the Receptionist Rhonda improperly recorded a message that a client had left.” The conflict resolution in the system design will allow for the flow of effective communication and teamwork which will improve the performance and commitment in the workplace to ensure that the team and the leader can overcome conflicts to gain high accomplishments.

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