Kpop the Reason for the Rapid Growth of Fashion

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Did Korea’s fashion market outdid the global fashion market? Seoul is the capital of South Korea, where fashion is booming. It is one of the leading cities in fashion. Fashion eyes from all around the world is now watching South Korea’s fashion scene, and its fast growth. While the world did hear of Korea on news or from viral contents, they now start to set a solid line in fashion. The reasons why South Korea’s fashion industry is one of the leading one thanks to kpop, acceptance, and youth.

First of all, kpop is one of the top reasons why the South Korean fashion scene is rapidly growing. In Omnilytics magazine, it said “The South Korean fashion retail scene has been booming, thanks to strong influence of the omnipresent K-POP culture in the country. Also known as the “K-Wave”, this ubiquitous phenomenon stemmed from the popularity of social media and local celebrities, leading to adoption by consumers,” (Kexin 2.

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) The popular kpop stars draw in attention to the local designers by presenting their fashion on SNS. Another fashion site said “The others are Jessica Jung and Dami Kwon, whose brother, G-Dragon, is one of Asia’s most influential style icons and a K-pop phenomenon,” (Ahmed 31.) Consumers of the fashion designers are kpop fashion icons, who are seen as “trend setter”. Kpop stars’ fashion is thoroughly analyzed by the fans and becomes one of the top searched items after the star makes an appearance wearing the fashion item.

Second, Korea accepts all kinds of fashion styles.

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The famous streetwear magazine HYPEBEAST wrote “What is most exciting is the eclectic mix of streetwear, vintage and finely tailored garments all styled together in fresh new ways,” (Amarca 12.) Fashion scene over there is not focused on one specific style or category. Another fashion magazine quoted Lisa Aiken, “Whether they’re buying into emerging brands from the US and UK or their own homegrown brands, we find they readily embrace an avant-garde streetwear aesthetic compared to customers elsewhere,” (Ahmed 15.) The fashion people of South Korea embraces and accepts different fashion styles from all over the world which also speeds up their growth in fashion.

Lastly, the South Korean youth is very fashionable. Kuho, the executive director of Seoul Fashion Week said “We have a fashion scene which is a bit younger than the rest of the world,” (Ahmed 9). This includes both the fairly new industry and the young designers along with the young consumers. One streetwear magazine HYPEBEAST stated “Right now, you’ll see more young designers, many of whom studied overseas and have a lot of promise. Most fashion crowds these days are very young and are looking for the “street scene” and almost all Korean designers are working in street-focused fashion,” (Amarca 18.) Influenced by the young and famous stars of South Korea, the young generation is also very fashion forward, and makes up a big percentage as consumers.

Kpop, acceptance, and youth are the reasons why the South Korean fashion industry is growing rapidly. The industry is a must know for anyone who is into fashion. It becomes an eye opener for visitors. People can see all kinds of fashion styles, from very faded suits to neon avangard dresses. Do you think you’ll want to go visit South Korea at least once, to experience and witness the fashion scene?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022
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