Kpop the Reason I Want to Visit South Korea

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The world is full of beautiful places to travel and explore. If I was gifted a ticket to go to any place I desire, I would take a one-way trip to South Korea. I would eat Korean cuisine, learn Hangul, attend music events, and go shopping.

I am intrigued with food and Korean cuisine looks so delicious to me. The only Korean dish I’ve eaten was Samyang Ramen which is a very popular spicy noodle brand. It had an interesting flavor that I can’t describe but it was delicious.

There’s also a dish I would love to try called Jajangmyeon which means Black Bean Noodles. They’re noodles completely smothered in black bean sauce. The dish that I would be most excited to try is Tteokbokki which means Fried Rice Cakes. The dish consists of rice cakes completely covered in a spicy red sauce. It can be paired with a side of Kimchi (fermented cabbage), yellow radish, or sesame seeds on top.

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What I love most about the food in South Korea, is how flavorful it appears. The colors of the foods are so bright. Spicy food is also common there and I love spicy dishes. I would spend most of my time eating dishes from both fancy restaurants and street vendors which are popular there.

The most important reason why I would go there is to reach fluency in the Korean language. I can already read and write in Hangul which is the Korean alphabet. However, despite knowing how to read and write in the alphabet, I have no idea how to translate the words into English.

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My pronunciation also needs much improvement. So, I would try my best to interact with as many people as possible in order to expand my vocabulary and also meet new people and make friends.

Another important reason why I would go to South Korea is because of the music genre, Kpop or Korean Pop. I discovered Kpop in 2012 I believe when Gangnam Style went viral. However, I did not become a fan of it until later in 2014. The first group that caught my attention was Big Bang. A song by Taeyang, one of the members of Big Bang, titled “Nun Ko Ip” which translates to “Eyes, Nose, Lips” in English, is what really made me love the Korean language. I love slow ballads so the song really stuck with me. “If you”, also by Big Bang, is one of the first Korean songs I mastered singing perfectly by memory. As the years have gone on I can honestly say I am a huge Korean Pop fan. I love so many things about Kpop. I love how there’s a mutual bond between Kpop fans. I love the hard work and dedication Korean artists have when it comes to making both good musics and producing good music videos. I love so many bands and would love to see them in concert. I have never attended a concert before so if my first concert was a Kpop one in South Korea, that would be amazing!

The last thing I would do in South Korea is go shopping! I love the fashion and makeup trends in South Korea. In regards to makeup, in contrast to America, their makeup is very skin-like and natural which I love. They also focus on skincare. So, I would definitely go to Etude House which is a popular makeup store there, and buy a lot of products. One product I would love to get would be their lip tints. What makes them special is that you apply it and let it sit. Then once it dries, you peel it off and it leaves a pigment! They also have tints for eyebrows. I haven’t seen anything like that in the U.S. so I would definitely purchase some of those.

Overall, if I was given a ticket to go anywhere I wish, I would go to South Korea. During my stay there, I would expand my tasting palate by trying new foods, improve my Korean, going to Kpop concerts, and shopping. It would be an amazing experience immersing myself in the culture.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022
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