Knowledge Essay Topics

Role of HR function in Knowledge Management at Unilever

Knowledge management is getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time to maximize an entreprise’s knowledge related effectiveness. Knowledge management focuses on doing the right things instead of doing the things right. In this view all the business processes involve creation, dissemination, renewal and application of knowledge towards the organizational survival…. View Article

The Availability Of Information

Information has become a vital asset in the current business market and the availability of information could easily determine a profit or loss for a firm. People with valuable knowledge leave organizations due to numerous reasons and the valuable information they own are often lost with them, organizations looked at means to capture and maintain… View Article

Knowledge-based systems

We tabulated the required sample size n and the corresponding critical acceptance value [c. sub. 0] for various [alpha]-risks, [beta]-risks, and the capability requirements AQL, LTPD. The results obtained in this paper are useful to the practitioners in making reliable decisions. For illustrative purpose, we demonstrated the proposed method by presenting a case study on… View Article

Acquiring Knowledge

            Knowledge means power; the whole world craves for knowledge, to know things, to understand, to make accurate calculations and to make wise decisions. But philosophers since ancient times struggle with the question regarding how knowledge is acquired. Is it through the physical senses – of touch, smell, hearing, seeing, and taste? Is it through… View Article

Knowledge Brokering and the Work of Information Technology Professionals

Abstract                         This section talks about the purpose of the exploratory study; the result that brokering practices for information distribution are affected by the structural conditions in the organization. Introduction                         This section talks about how an IT professional views himself and what some IT professionals feel about their role in the information distribution chain… View Article

Human Memory and Knowledge Construction: Increases in Student Learning

It is essential to help students effectively store and retrieve information from their long-term memory. Human memory is related to the way information is received, interpreted, stored, and retrieved. In short, information is brought into the sensory register. The stimulus then moves into the working memory and is then stored in the long-term memory. An… View Article

The Nature of the Person

The Nature of the Person Human beings are born as tabula raza’s[1].  This therefore means that the nature of human beings is that they have to be fed with information about their environment and their surrounding if they are to develop into social beings. This task falls squarely in the hands of parents, peers and… View Article

Artificial Knowledge in the Truman Show

In the movie “The Truman Show,” one epistemological problem that is being tackled is the problem of how man is able to become aware of things that he once had no idea about. Do we get to know things or do we acquire knowledge because of our mere experiences of things or does it involve… View Article

Are Some Ways of Knowing More Likely Than Others to Lead to Truth?

Most people believe that money makes the world go round. But scholars believe otherwise. It is the knowledge of how to acquire wealth and of how to make the most of it is really the decisive factor. Humans couldn’t have mastered this world with all its richness in resources and mysteries without ample knowledge of… View Article

Theoretical Perspectives as Rituals of Power and Knowledge

“Pornography is a panoptic function. It is everything watch by a mechanical eye…Optics is the genius of the West, and voyeurism is its major mechanism of control.” –Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother, p. 328. In order to begin to understand “panoptic functions,” such as the function of pornography as expressed in… View Article

Descartes’ Philosophy

Rene Descartes is one of the most distinct rationalists of the modern period who boldly claim that knowledge can be achieved through reason. He suggested that in the pursuit of knowledge one should be able to distinguish that which is true and that which is not true. This opens the idea towards his criticisms against… View Article

Knowledge Management Mastercard

The company MasterCard is a technology company and payments industry leader. For over four decades, the company has been a driving force at the heart of commerce, making the global economy safer, more efficient, more inclusive and more transparent for all. Consumers, merchants, business partners and governments in markets around the world have reaped the… View Article

No Zero Policy

In most schools in many states, teachers and parents consider a grade of zero acceptable for incomplete homework. It is common for teachers to give zeros for late or slacked off assignments. Unfortunately, few teachers or parents question the usefulness of the consequence, and students continue to reap the consequences without benefit. Giving zeros as… View Article

Ordinary Magic

The story, Ordinary Magic, was written by Malcolm Bosse is about a boy who was born and bred in India. Jeffrey also recognized as “Ganesh” faced a lot of difficulties at a very young age. These difficulties that forced him to be mature included his father’s loss of life, his way of adjusting and bonding… View Article

Misuse knowledge

One of the notable books I have read is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. It is a memorable and meaningful book that has a great impact on my personality. I was able to discover many things not only about life, society and history but also about mankind itself. One of the concepts satirized in the… View Article

The Traditional Tok Diagram

The traditional TOK diagram indicates four ways of knowing. Propose the inclusion of a fifth way of knowing selected from intuition, memory or imagination, and explore the knowledge issues it may raise in two areas of knowledge. Our whole life is a continuous process of gaining information. This information is our basic knowledge about the… View Article

Biological Psychology

Biological psychology, also known as biopsychology and psychobiology, is the field of research in psychology that gives emphasis on the use of principles of biology in explaining mental processes and behavior. It emerged as a scientific discipline in the 18th and 19th centuries when philosophers like Rene Descartes proposed physical models to explain animal and… View Article

What Is the Significance of Grading Sysytem

With the implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program, the traditional numerical values in the report cards of students will no longer appear. Instead, the Department of Education (DepEd) will be using a new grading system to assess and rate learning outcomes of students in public elementary and high schools. Effective this school… View Article

Public Libraries: The Way To Human Understanding

A Discussion on the Process of Human Intelligence and Its Progress Knowledge is one primary reason why the human society continues to advance in terms of understanding and comprehension of advancement. This is the reason why governments around the world are already aiming to increase their competencies in terms of educational progress among their human… View Article

Cognitive Learning Theory Lecture

Cognitive Learning developed by theorist Edward C. Tolman, explains the way our brain processes and interprets information that we learn. The biological basis of cognitive learning style is grounded in brain theory. .(“Different Cognitive Learning Styles,” 2003-2013) It’s the relationship that occurs between two stimuli, but even though the stimulus is the same our brains… View Article

Do You Agree That Progress Is Always Positive?

“Progress” is usually thought of as a positive thing. When people say, “He has made some progress,” others perceive it as a positive concept. Most of the [1] times, progress is positive, and positive progress can benefit one in many different ways. [2] But there are times when progress can also be harmful and [3]… View Article

Importance of Sports

Sports such as football or baseball involve lots of physical activities. Sports and exercises help in strengthening and toning the muscles and bones in the body. In short, the importance of sports for kids is that it keeps them in an excellent shape. When children or adults plays team sports, be it cricket or hockey,… View Article

Plato and the Concept of Knowledge

Plato’s Theaetetus is a dialogue that discusses and attempts to find a definition of knowledge. The two characters, Socrates and Theaetetus, approach the argument with the initial idea that knowledge is the addition of a true judgment and an account. However, Socrates raises some concerns regarding the fundamental aspects that make the definition true. Ultimately,… View Article

Reflection of the Film’s Every Child Is Special

We all know that there’s a difference between special children and normal children but both have similarities. For instance, they both have talents and perspective towards life. They can play and have fun in their own. Both need attention and discipline from their parents to avoid any misconception while they are growing and guide them… View Article

Trans-Disciplinary Integrated Knowledge

Trans-disciplinary integrated knowledge (TIK) is one dimension in which the universities of the world should look to for effective future coping for empowerment of talent. TIK is a very critical area in the present scenario because of changing trends in the flow of information and the related technologies in industry and services. Today more innovative… View Article

Siddhartha the Holy One

Everyone has something they believe in, as well as their own vocation in life. It’s what shapes us into the person we are, our morals, and what we want to achieve. This topic brings up the question, does what we believe really matter? Many different opinions can come up regarding this question, but I believe… View Article

Watching Tv Has an Adverse Effect on Children

My knowledgeable friend has submitted that TV viewing is harmful for children. I submit that it is all the more important to impress upon the impressionable minds of the children basic teachings which would help them a lot. TV viewing does harm the eyesight but only in a wrong way. I disagree as, if TV… View Article

Multi-Perspective Approach to Understanding Organization

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-perspective approach to understanding organization? In answering the question you will need to engage with the nature of the various perspectives and how they enable and limit our understanding of organization. There are different ways in how people produce different knowledge and thus many people have come… View Article