Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

Part (A)

1. The consul personality type people are characterized as popular and are known to be great team leaders for having several personality traits including the fact that they are considerate of other people’s feelings and are respecting their opinions regardless of whether they agree or disagree with those opinions and ideas. Consuls are great supporters of their friends and loved ones, and they tend to always stick to those who mean to them when they’re in need of emotional support, they generally enjoy ensuring that everyone around them is satisfied and happy as they regularly work on maintaining good vibes around them.

Consuls have a couple of exceptional strengths that differentiate them from others such as their high sense of accountability whenever they’re being assigned to any sort of task; they’re individuals who can be safely depended upon. Consuls are also extremely loyal; their loyalty is proven by the way they handle situations involving people who deal with them, they always find ways to manage to fulfill their promises.

What I learned that is new about my personality type is not completely new to me but it’s something that I usually neglect although I’ve come to realize that I need to be honest and true to myself in order for me to grow and develop; which is that I can be easily hurt if someone finds the way I think toward certain things is wrong or stupid, or when people view my thoughts as ridiculous although I never show it and usually don’t give myself the opportunity to process this feeling yet it’s still there and I know that it shouldn’t concern me because it would not affect me.

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I came to understand that if I truly believe in something, the way other people view it shouldn’t matter to me or affect my perceptions and shouldn’t make me feel anything less towards it, this for sure is something that I’m aware of but I often feel the need to be reminded about it.

2. Firstly starting with myself being an extrovert, I believe I’m a people’s person; I get most of my energy from people, it would require me to interact with people in order for me to cheer up when I’m feeling low, and I generally feel great about myself after spending time with others. For example, I would find it mentally easier for me to start working on an assignment that’s assigned as team work rather than having to work on it alone; the amount of pressure I may be feeling towards an assignment or a project will decrease once other people are involved with me, I’d be more enthusiastic towards starting the work knowing I have a team that will be supporting me and backing me up through it. I’m also very clear and what you see from me is what you will get from me, it doesn’t require people to solve a puzzle or go through a maze to understand my personality. Second, as an observant I focus on dealing with the real world instead of fantasies and having imaginary thoughts, I also find it important to have a clear picture of what’s going on and having certainty within the things I do.

While working on something I’d want to know I’m following the right path and that hopefully, no mistakes are occurring; I’m not much of a risk-taker. For example, when having to choose team members for a project I’d be working on, I wouldn’t randomly choose colleagues to work with; even if random classmates came up to me and asked if I’d like to form a group with them, I wouldn’t agree to it. Instead, I would select certain students to work with, ones who I’m familiar with and have experience working with in the past to ensure that we will be able to get things smoothly and perfectly done.

Third, being a person with the feeling trait, I tend to be generally honest and clear about my emotions with others, I unfortunately mainly base my decisions on my feelings and emotions; which can be either beneficial or harmful depending on what the situation is but it’s generally a trait that I don’t like much about myself because it can be tiring and energy-consuming to try to please people too much, not that I force myself to it but I generally consider other people’s feelings in a decision that would involve or affect them. Sometimes it’s smarter to be logical and base decisions on thinking even if it would emotionally dissatisfy others. For example, imagining myself at a workplace as an HR manager, I think it would be difficult for me to fire someone who tries to work hard but does not perform well regardless of their efforts because I would know that this person is trying and is willing to perform the job. Finally, as a person with the judging personality trait, I cannot stress enough on how much it concerns me to have everything around me organized and having a plan for everything I put my hands into. I’m a structured person and I think it helps me a lot in achieving whatever task I set for myself whether it’s an academic matter or something that’s on a personal level regarding my life choices.

3. There are two main characteristics that usually show up during the time in which I have to make any important decisions and life choices, especially ones which will affect my life in the long run. First is that as an observant I would be very realistic when making a decision to guarantee that this decision will not harm me in the future, for example when I first graduated from high school I really wanted to study abroad but the Saudi scholarships were only available for medical-related majors during the time which I graduated (2015), my parents were having some financial struggles at the time as we were in the process of building a new house which we moved into a couple of months ago. During that time my parents knew how much I wanted to study abroad so they were very close to just letting me travel and start my education in hope that eventually, I would get a scholarship although we knew it would take so much time and that it would be very hard for my parents to manage their finances as they have other responsibilities including my siblings’ education payments.

I decided I would study here in Saudi to avoid any risks such as not getting a scholarship and not being able to manage overall finances which will lead me to come back to Saudi with an uncomplete education and starting all over here. So then I was weighing the pros and cons and decided to be realistic and choose the safe side which leads me to do my bachelor’s at PMU and I’m planning to hopefully do my masters abroad. The second characteristic relates to being a judging personality type, whenever I have to make an important decision I would thoroughly think it through, then I would have a written plan with a timeline to have a clear vision of the entire process I intend to go with.

4. I believe I have two characteristics that will help develop and make healthy growth changes both in my education/career life and on a personal level. The first characteristic which I would like to slightly minimize is the feeling trait as I’d like to have a more balanced system; increasing my thinking trait a bit more will do the job, I think I need to consider being logical a little more. The second characteristic which I would like to maintain and increase is found on the consul’s strengths which is my high sense of responsibility and accountability, I have a very high sense of responsibility towards anything I’m assigned to, not to prove my abilities to others, but to myself. I feel very good about myself knowing I did my best in completing any task/job in life, I think this corresponds to how well I’m committed to anything I set my mind to.

Part (B)

1. I have a professional goal set in mind that I would like to achieve by the end of this semester and towards the summer semester while I do my internship which is to expand my HR knowledge and not constrain myself only with the knowledge and education I’ve earned from my bachelor’s degree courses. I’d like to further develop my knowledge about HR in the sense of knowing information beyond what’s expected from me to know as a new graduate. This can be achieved by reading articles online and understanding more about issues that may occur at a workplace and being able to solve such issues by learning from others’ experiences. Another way to implement my expertise is by watching documentaries and listening to podcasts that share essential information about the HR world in order for me to be updated on what’s happening with HR professionals around the world in different countries and organizations. I consider this a method of increasing my expertise at an early stage of my career life, I don’t always expect others to spoon-feed me because in the real world I would have to depend on myself for my own personal growth as the more effort I put into my career the more positive outcomes I would gain.

2. This goal is important to me because I would like to have a competitive advantage over other graduates who are going to apply to the same companies I apply to, I need to give organizations a reason to choose me over other applicants, to begin with. If several students from PMU let’s say apply to Aramco, then we’ve all studied the same courses and have similar knowledge level, besides my personal characteristics I need to market myself and show employers what extra value can be added to their company if they select me over the other applicants. Later, after I’m hired and I’ve got my job I would like to excel in doing my job by applying my advanced knowledge which will lead me to get promoted in order for me to further achieve my thrived career goals that will reflect my education level.

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