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James Galway

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (466 words)
Categories: Art, Music
Downloads: 50
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The artist I chose was James Galway. He was born December 8, 1939 in Belfast, Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom. He studied at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal College of Music in London. He decided to study music because many people in his family were musically gifted. Muriel and Douglas Dawn mentored him. The solo I picked is The Flight of the Bumblebee. It is being played at Waterfront Hall in Belfast February 15,2009. He is playing with pianist Philip Moll.

The Flight of the Bumblebee was created by Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov in 1899-1900. It is a Romantic Era composition. It is a program type music. Program music is music used to tell a story or present a subject.

James Galway was very clear when he needed to be, when he was not trilling and such. He was piercing, meaning that when he played high notes it was quite loud and sharp. There was much control in his trilling or vibrato.

The variation in his notes and continuous playing along with the piano made the piece very resonant and full. The style of the song was very fast and technical. Much of the piece was running up scale or trilling. Mr. Galway had much control over his notes at the speed he was playing. This piece emitted a bit of suspense and was bright in few places, but was mostly sounding darker. It was originally created to enhance a scene in the play “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” Where a bumblebee is flying quickly away, hence creating the suspense. The piece did not require much tonguing because it was meant to flow together, but at a few points there was tonguing and Mr. Galway did a moderate job on those parts, but did not tongue quite enough. He was able to move his fingers very quickly and yet play the correct notes. He had incredible control when playing dynamics and could become quiet and loud very quickly. He breathed seemingly very little for a long time. He would play high notes to low notes very quickly and with much control. As there was not very much need for articulation the parts where it was needed was played very well and precisely.

James Galway uses the points stated above to create the overall feeling and/or message of the piece by playing quickly, smoothly, and accurately, as well as his accompaniment companion’s talent. His method was successful because he played with the accompaniment very well and together both of them created suspense with quickness and both high and low notes played accurately.

I found that listening to a professional was very interesting. He played very quickly and yet managed to be precise. I was very impressed. James Galway is a very good musician.

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