Analysis of Wei-Chen's parents' background and its influence on his character in "American Born Chinese"

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In Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel "American Born Chinese," Wei-Chen Sun's parents' background plays a pivotal role in shaping his character and the unique perspective he brings to the story. Wei-Chen's parents, immigrants from Taiwan, influence his outlook on cultural identity, friendship, and the complexities of assimilation in a multicultural society. Through their experiences and values, Wei-Chen's parents contribute to his understanding of self and his interactions with others.

Wei-Chen's parents represent the immigrant experience and the challenges faced by individuals who strive to establish a new life in a foreign country.

Their decision to move to the United States from Taiwan reflects the pursuit of better opportunities and a desire for their children to have a brighter future. This background shapes Wei-Chen's perspective as he navigates his own journey as a Taiwanese immigrant.

The resilience and determination demonstrated by Wei-Chen's parents serve as a source of inspiration for him. Their sacrifices and hard work underscore the value they place on education and upward mobility.

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This emphasis on achievement influences Wei-Chen's commitment to excel academically and embrace opportunities for success. His parents' background highlights the universal theme of parental aspirations and the lengths parents often go to in order to provide a better life for their children.

Wei-Chen's parents' emphasis on maintaining their Taiwanese culture within an American context contributes to his own perspective on cultural identity. Their efforts to pass on their language and traditions reveal their commitment to preserving their heritage, despite the challenges of assimilation. This experience resonates with Wei-Chen's own identity journey, as he grapples with embracing his Taiwanese roots while navigating an American environment.

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Wei-Chen's parents' influence is particularly evident in his friendship with Jin Wang. Wei-Chen's willingness to embrace Jin and accept him despite cultural differences is likely influenced by his parents' values of inclusivity and acceptance. His upbringing encourages him to see beyond surface-level differences and forge connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This perspective contrasts with Jin's initial reluctance to embrace Wei-Chen and highlights the impact of parental teachings on their characters' interactions.

Furthermore, Wei-Chen's parents' background contributes to his empathetic and understanding nature. His exposure to the immigrant experience through his parents' stories likely influences his ability to connect with Jin's struggles as an American-born Chinese. This connection deepens their friendship and serves as a bridge between their experiences, highlighting the universal theme of shared experiences transcending cultural differences.

In conclusion, Wei-Chen Sun's parents' background in "American Born Chinese" significantly shapes his character, values, and interactions with others. Their immigrant experience, emphasis on cultural preservation, and dedication to providing a better life for their children impact Wei-Chen's outlook on education, cultural identity, and friendships. Through Wei-Chen's character, the novel explores the ways in which parental influences and cultural heritage shape an individual's perspective and their ability to navigate the complexities of assimilation and belonging in a multicultural society.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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