Analysis of Jin's parents' influence on his cultural identity in "American Born Chinese"

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Jin's parents play a significant role in shaping his cultural identity and the internal conflict he experiences as he navigates his Chinese heritage within an American context. Through their words, actions, and expectations, Jin's parents contribute to his understanding of self, the pressures of assimilation, and the importance of embracing one's cultural roots.

Jin's parents serve as a representation of the older generation's values and expectations, which often clash with his desires to assimilate into American culture. Jin's mother and father have different approaches to their cultural identity and heritage, which reflects the broader generational divide between immigrants and their American-born children.

Jin's mother represents a more traditional perspective, valuing their Chinese heritage and language. Her emphasis on speaking Chinese and maintaining cultural customs is evident in her interactions with Jin. Her efforts to preserve their cultural traditions highlight the generational tension that arises as she tries to impart her values onto Jin. Her expectations for him to excel academically and embrace his heritage stem from a desire to ensure that he remains connected to his roots despite the pressures to assimilate.

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Jin's father, on the other hand, demonstrates a desire to assimilate and succeed in American society. His insistence on using English reflects his willingness to adapt and integrate into American culture. However, his career as a bus driver and interactions with passengers expose him to racial stereotypes and discrimination. This experience exposes the harsh realities of cultural assimilation, emphasizing that even those who strive to fit in may still encounter challenges and prejudice.

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The contrast between Jin's parents' perspectives mirrors the internal conflict he faces regarding his cultural identity. Jin struggles to find a balance between his parents' traditional values and the pressure to assimilate. His desire to be accepted by his American peers leads him to adopt a nickname, "Danny," which further complicates his relationship with his parents and his own sense of self. This internal struggle highlights the universal experience of individuals who attempt to reconcile their cultural heritage with the desire to belong.

Jin's parents' influence becomes especially significant when he decides to invite Amelia to dinner. Their excitement and eagerness to present their Chinese culture to her underscore the importance of acceptance and integration in their worldview. This event showcases the complexity of assimilation and the lengths individuals may go to in order to bridge cultural gaps and connect with others.

The novel also reveals the emotional toll of cultural identity on Jin's parents. Their realization that Jin feels ashamed of his heritage prompts them to confront the consequences of their decisions to immigrate to America. This realization humanizes their characters, portraying them not just as parental figures with expectations, but as individuals with their own struggles and vulnerabilities stemming from cultural identity.

In conclusion, Jin's parents in "American Born Chinese" contribute significantly to his journey of cultural identity and assimilation. Their conflicting values, expectations, and attempts to pass on their heritage illustrate the complexities of generational and cultural divides. Through their characters, the novel explores the challenges individuals face when trying to balance tradition and assimilation while navigating the complexities of identity within a multicultural society.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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