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I’ve always been the student who made decent grades and yet never participated in any extracurricular activities. I danced for a couple of years when I was younger, but as I grew older, I became shy. When I got to high school, I became distracted and my grades starting declining. I knew I had to start joining clubs or be active to have a good resume. I needed a reality check to stop slacking and get serious before it was too late.

Finally my junior year came and I had a new attitude.

Starting the last week of summer before entering my junior year was volleyball season. At first I was hesitant about playing and I was quite nervous since I’ve never played before. Some of my peers encouraged me to try it and it was the greatest decision I have made in high school. Even though I started playing a sport near the end of my high school career, I don’t regret the route I took.

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Becoming a student athlete was tough on my schedule but I got acclimated fast. Luckily, my coach was also my math teacher so he was adamant about me being a successful student and athlete. Since I never played a sport I never felt as tired as when I am finish with drills after practice but I kept my grades high. While playing volleyball, I have learned to manage my time wisely. I knew if I had practice until six in the afternoon and there was homework to do afterwards, then there was no time to spare.

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I now greatly value time management and it has helped me improve in many facets of my life.

My outcome of playing volleyball was my greatest achievement in high school. I learned how to schedule my days wisely, be an effective team player and overall better student. It’s true when they say “your junior year in high school is your hardest year”, but I can say with pride and joy that I overcame that theory. I made the best grades in my first semester in contrast to my academic performance in my freshman and sophomore years. It is now my senior year, I’m playing volleyball again, and hopefully I will be offered many scholarships from different colleges to play this sport.

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