Is the world really becoming a “global village?” Essay

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Is the world really becoming a “global village?”

The term ‘Global Village’ can be defined as the ‘involvement of all people from entire world community. ’ A community is a group of people, who interact and share certain things as a group. Directly or indirectly, the developments in the area of science and technology catalyses the phrase ‘Global Village’. Rapid developments in transportation and communication is the very essence of the global community, which helps to eliminate the so called geographical barriers and definitely help the world to shrink in size. The contribution of media and computer is remarkable for the creation of a ‘Global Village’.

As rightly quoted in HUNTINGTON, Ind. (Our Sunday Visitor): “An ever-expanding inventory of high-tech gadgets has turned our world into a “global village,” making friends out of strangers – whether they live across the continent or around the world – through e-mail and instant messaging, online chatrooms and blogs. ” The idea of global village is not new in the history. The remarkable fact about the twentieth century is that in our times the assumption of diversion of world among different nations is universally accepted.

But it is held that this diversion should someday be ended and an area of unity is not an impossible dream. But now humans are increasingly inclined to the view that unless the dream of global village reaches a measure of fulfillment, there can be no viable basis of human life. The forces compelling a growing degree of global unity are irresistible and they are moving with cataractal speeds. The most easily understandable force is the sheer shrinkage of the earth, not in terms of diameter, but by the speed of transportation with which human beings move about now-a-days.

Communications have improved very fast. Men can, if they wish, communicate from anywhere within a matter of seconds. The radio stations of most national capitals pour forth a steady stream of broadcasts beamed to the people of all countries. All people save the most primitive, live more or less in the presence of each other and with the modicum of knowledge of each other. Ideas move equally fast. Modern man’s capacity to give and distribute information is now unlimited. (Kelkar 70)

UNESCO is designed to spread education and improve educational standards; the World Health Organization is designed to compact diseases on a worldwide scale; the Food and Agriculture organization deals with production and distribution of food in and to areas where hunger is a problem. The International Labor Organization is designed to improve the conditions of labor, provisions of adequate living wages, protection of workers against diseases and injury throughout the world. Thus gradually a set of international agencies dealing with problems of international nature has come into existence.

The present generation lives under the international system based on the belief in global unity; which will eventually enable the world to organize its affairs from the view point of international character. This is an important achievement of twentieth century. This, however, does not mean that political world unity already exists or that we have anything like world government either immediately or in the near future. So a rigid transformation from several to a single and distinct identity is the basic ingredient of a global village. (Kelkar 24) Today the world is changing rapidly.

The world from the Stone Age to 1800 A D had not undergone so much change as it witnessed during the last two hundred years. Invention and ideas of yesterday have become outdated and outmoded today. As a result of this we have now men belonging to different eras cherishing different value-systems. Man is born in stream of culture and must continually swim in it. The whole society has a culture consisting of material and non-material substances. All culture have the same basic organization, although the cultural traits developed by different societies vary from on to another.

All the parts or components of culture are influenced by modern technologies of media and information technology. It gave the people of different countries a new science, new sense of unity and new source of inspiration for advancing culture, civilization and knowledge. The world moves so fast, events happen so quickly in every sphere of life, that success is impossible without keeping in close touch with the latest development. Considering the technological advances, innovative inventions and developments in each and every passing day, one could state that the World is really becoming a Global Village.

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