Since the introduction of big players in the social media industry in the early 2000s, humanity witnessed a phenomenon never seen before. Frenzied students and young adults scampered to join Facebook, then seen as impossible to stay out of. These students and young adults were quickly followed by their older peers who were followed by their parents and grandparents. By the end of that decade, it was unimaginable not to be on Facebook. More than half of the living human population had an account with the social networking behemoth.

It was easy to see then why the reception was as enthusiastic as it was; one got to be in near-constant contact with friends and family, regardless of geographical location. Additionally, one could create and curate an online persona. Billions of online personas were quickly followed by financial services, health services, grocery and shopping services. Life could easily exist only online.

Online communities, despite offering numerous advantages to individuals and corporate players alike, also suffer some of the uglier sides of human nature.

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Cyber bullying, fake news and negative criticism are some of the most painful things about using social media (Lee 12). A probable social for these ills would be introducing bots that can automatically detect content that has the potential to be negative or ill-intended. Despite being in the very early exploratory stages, such bots have the potential to sanitize all our social media experiences and restore social networks to their former glory (Lee 15).

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