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Ielts Sample Writing

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The amount of sport shown on television every week has increased significantly and this is having an impact on live sports events. Do you think the benefits of having more televised sport are greater than the disadvantages? Sample answer

It is now possible to watch live sport on television on any day of the week, and the current amount of coverage will undoubtedly increase in the near future. This is definitely affecting the live sports themselves at some ways, and there are both benefits and drawbacks to this.

Why there has been so much sport broadcast? For one thing, with the development of digital broadcasting, there are more TV channels than there were a decade ago. For another thing, sport has become an important form of entertainment, appealing to both men and women.

What are the benefits of the increasing televised sport programs? For the sport profession, it is advantageous to have the injection of capital provided by television companies. Large football clubs also benefit financially from TV revenue and the top players can ask for large salaries.

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Less popular sports also receive money that can be invested in training and awareness-raising. Moreover, there is a health benefit to some of the population, because through televised sport, more people have become interested in actually playing sport.

However, there are certain disadvantages to having so much sport on television. Considering football again, many small clubs are suffering financial losses recently, as they cannot compete with the larger ones. There has been a general decline in ticket sales, especially among smaller clubs.

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Fewer people attend live matches at stadiums nowadays, preferring to watch the live broadcast at their comfort living rooms. What is more, ticket prices have risen dramatically. To sum up, while televised sport has created many opportunities and benefited certain individuals and clubs enormously, it has also been responsible for changing the nature of live events for ever.

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