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Importance Of Positive Thinking for Success

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (639 words)
Categories: Importance Of Positive Thinking, Motivation, Success
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They say if you can dream it you can achieve it. Each and every one of us has the chance to be brilliant we just have to be willing to take the risks. There will be times where we think we can not make it but, we just have to stay the course and believe in ourselves. In the book the pact by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt they reveal how we can all make it through our ups and downs and achieve our seemingly impossible goal.

When we start our road to success, we must have a positive outlook and identify why we are doing it. As a result, it will motivate us to finish what we started. In the book, the three doctors lived in a environment where crime, drugs, and broken homes were all that roamed the streets. “We hope our story will also demonstrate that anyone with enough compassion has the power to transform and redirect someone else’s troubled life” (p.

4). The three doctors explain how they faced the troubles that were thrown at them in order to inspire others. In addition, Identifying the reasons as to why we want to accomplish a certain goal allows us to look back when we are in doubt. Each and every one of us has our own views and opinions. We can not avoid criticism. There will come a point where our closest friends and family will doubt us. “Don’t try to live high off the hog” (p.54). Rameck’s mother reveals how she doesn’t want Rameck dreaming too big.

There comes a time where we turn to others for support and advice yet, it does not always play out like that, others may look at your goals or opinions in a different way. However, we must learn how to accept criticism; that should not stop us from achieving our goals. We should use that negativity as motivation to fulfill the entire journey. There comes days where we feel lazy, discouraged, and we just want to give up and throw it all away. The road to success takes time it is paved with trials and errors. We learn to become patient in the process. “failing the board exam only heightened my sense of isolation. I had no confidence in myself” (p.209). In this passage, Sam is found going through a rough experience. He feels hopeless and unmotivated when he found out he failed the exam. Nevertheless, Sam learned from his mistakes and still continued on his journey. It’s just goes to show that achieving your goals is hard and complicated but, it is worth it.

Because of the absence of role models, we do not have many people to look up to. In result we start to have that way of thinking that it is the norm to just give up and not work hard for something. We tend to believe that we can not change our future; our life is destined for just average. Rather than just moping around thinking we do not have what it takes to be something greater, we should just go out there make a plan and get ahead. We will never know unless we try. There is no limitations as to what we can do. As a final point, we should not be scared to try and dream big cause there is no telling what there is in store for our future. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. In everyday we work to get closer to our goals, we become better people. We may not realize how each and every one of us can overcome the obstacles thrown at us despite odds. Having a positive view, staying motivated and determined, and simply having hope for a better future play a big role in success.

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