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Impact of Social Media Today

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1014 words)
Categories: Effects Of Social Media, Social Media, Social Media And Its Impact
Downloads: 36
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It’s very easy today right to use information due to coming in of social media everywhere in the world, no matter how the information size is like but properly are able to digest and communicate from one person to one another. We quickly be made informed or aware of different issues than the past decade we were in around the world through Tweeter, Instagram post, and Facebook update statuses. Although most of the population did not really see the important or use for it.

Most did not even have access to these platforms.


Social media has taken a great part for broken the obstacles as the communication is concerned and the choice when it arises to the ways of having in connection with someone, we are unsuccessful to that.It is very easy today just leave a voice mail or send a text massages once you have failed to get some one through phone calls.

In other ways it is even better to leave massages through twitter, Instagram, Myspace and other massaging platforms. We might know or see what someone is doing often in short period or within countable period. Social media through communication also helps search utilities also make it easy to follow anyone down we are looking for even uncertainty to communicate to the one we lost contacted.Social media sharing of personal profile to longstanding friends and acquaintances, re-join, make new friends business concepts and other activities this opportunity given through social media networks.

BUSINESS / Recruitment

Business through the world can now increases brand through massages and reach to each person across the globe ever dream the achievement of their business or that they will have a positive business they could only desire for. Mass media was strategies in the long-standing years. Companies were paid huge money to heard across the globe in many cases so that their glands are advertised Social media took also a great role or brilliant steps for giving wide range so that everyone who have a brilliant ideas together with excellent marketing abilities can achieve good standard living financially. Small business scales have benefited for themselves amongst billions of people across worldwide social media have brought them far after connected easily.

Advertising on marketing media like Television, Radio and also placards is the signs of the improvement. Social media is the only low-priced advertising marketing methods and active resources to improve status and brand image.People recruited in different businesses and also in small business scales through social media where recruiters are easily recruit possible applicants and customers, but this has been easy because of the overview of social media.

Social media outlets have search utility where individuals with a particular skills, job title and people within a region get recruited. Social media tolerates recruiters to find clients and who can cope up what the business need with the content they may be sharing.Through social media there is opportunity agreed to recruitment agencies to share their own thoughts, ideas and know-how to a broader audience.People starts and launch business without difficulties on social media today and also product are promoted on social media over Facebook groups, twitter and other social networks. Business individuals promote their business directed with small business capital and this provides a chance of engaging others to take part of doing their businesses.


In connections to social circles, social media has engaged over presence of communication difficulties ruined for choice when it arises to the means of receiving in connection to someone.Through social media we express ourselves today. Facebook, YouTube videos, Instagram and intermediate developments are several ways we can express ourselves. Today people have access to voice out their opinions but within few minutes numerous people got information in a right and in an easiest way. Before social media it was difficult to share your view to many.Drawbacks Reasonably too, people often display different identities. Personalities with different attitudes on social media are liked and accepted by connections on social media and this lead people to life that common people liked and recognized them. People on social media confer their self-esteem to their daily activities. People do not know that; whatever has been posted on the social media can come back to haunt you.

Social media sites can create users vulnerable to crimes like identity theft, stalking if exposed to individual information.In situations of productivity, several companies has shut down social network this so because addicted social media employees can interrupt themselves on such sites instead of targeting their jobs, it is fairly easy to lose concentration on what you are doing because of being addicted on social media. In light of the recent US presidential election we saw how social media was used more than ever before by candidates. At the last election in 2012 there was still a presence especially with candidates using Twitter and Facebook and Youtube. But this year, it was clear to see that the presidential candidates were using social media and it’s influence as a key driver in their campaigns.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump used Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and pretty much any other social media outlet to influence voters.Conclusion In every era, cultures go through numerous changes, and in recent years ours has been more impacted than anything else by social media. Large businesses do not take time or waste time to reach people to communicate with them even through phone meeting people individually; more people are getting involved through social media. If we use social media effectively can provide us greater choice in what happens in our world and how we live.Our society will accept changing because of the presence of the social media. The coming generation won’t even know a world were social media does not exist, because of that; this change to our society will be permanent. This has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to us the handlers to decide if our lives is improving because of the social media or not depending on by what method we decide to use it. (Chomwa Shikati Nov 9, 2017). References

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