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Identifying How Parenting Styles Affect Emerging Adults

A parent is known as the caretaker of a child, rather it is a biological parent, an adoptive parent, grandparents, other relatives, etc. Overall, a parent plays an important role in guiding their children during development. Also, parenting style is determining an effective factor that plays an important role in children’s growth. Therefore, a close relationship and a mutual understanding between children and their parents are highly recommended for a child’s development. The relationship of parents with children or parenting styles serves multiple purposes.

For this reason, I researched some studies on how parenting style affects growth in the emerging adulthood stage of development. This paper examines Zahedani et al.’s research on how parenting styles affect academic achievement and career paths of college students and Grundman et al’s research on how parenting styles predict the identity and emotional outcomes in emerging adults.

Study One

The first study I came upon was how parenting styles affect academic achievement and career paths of college students, also known as emerging adults.

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Several factors affect the academic performance of college students, but parenting style was one of the significant factors. The research method included a set of questionnaires asked 310 students about their received parenting styles and the obtained scores were correlated with the student’s transcripts. According to Zanhedani et al (2016), the results show that there was a significant relationship between the parents’ firm parenting style and the students’ educational success and this relationship is positive and direct. Zanhedani et al (2016) also say the correlation coefficient obtained shows that the relationship between these two variables is relatively high.

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In other words, parental involvement and warmth are significant predictors for academic achievement. I 100% agree with this because without my mom I wouldn’t have been motivated to focus on a major in Nursing.

Study Two

The purpose of the second study was to identify how parenting styles predict the identity and emotional outcomes in emerging adults. The two parenting styles used were parental autonomy support and parental conditional support.

Parental autonomy support is when parents encourage their children to be self-starters and independent decision-makers. According to Grundman et al (2007), parental autonomy support has been found to correlate positively with positive emotional outcomes and it would lead to emerging adults having a sense of choice during identity development.

Parental conditional regard is when parents motivate their children to exhibit desirable behaviors by making parental affection contingent on the child‘s good or bad behavior. According to Grundman et al (2007), parental conditional regard leads a child to enact behaviors that did not agree with their personal identity and also been linked to low self-esteem. This shows that when parents ease off on their child’s life and let them grow then they’re more likely to be successful in life.

Parenting styles are associated with different child outcomes and supportive parents are generally linked to positive behaviors such as strong self-esteem and self-identification.

However, other important factors including culture, children’s perceptions of parental treatment and social influences also play an important role in children’s development. Overall, every human has their own unique way of how they developed and parents will always be an important role model.


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