Different Parenting Styles

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1. What are the different parenting styles used by families? Which do you think is better? Why? There are three types of parenting styles, authoritarian, permissive and democratic. The first type of parenting styles is the permissive style which is when the parents are very laid back, and give the children more power then they even have. The second style of parenting that people use is the democratic style which is when the parent has empathy towards the thoughts and feelings of their children however they still have the authority to make the decision.

The third and last type of the parenting styles is the authoritarian style which is when parents have all ultimate power and authority in each and every situation. I like the democratic style of parenting the best. I say this because the parent still has power over the child, however still lets their child have an input on the decision.

2. What makes a person ready for parenthood? When should an individual consider entering parenthood? Who should postpone parenthood? Should everyone become a parent eventually? Do you think some people should not become parents altogether.

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I believe that when a person is emotionally stable, financially stable, and has good support to help raise a child they are ready to be a parent. I think an individual should consider entering parenthood when they are completely positive they are ready for the full responsibility and they know that they can handle a child. People that I think should postpone parenthood are anyone doubting their abilities as a parent at all, along with younger people, and newlyweds.

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I don’t believe everyone should become a parent, not everyone is meant to have children. I believe anyone that cannot and will not ever be able provide a safe and loving home for their child should never have children.

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Different Parenting Styles
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