Ice Cream Is My Favorite Food

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Happy, sad, upset, stressed, or just plain tired, there is always a cure all. For me, it just so happens to be ice cream. I believe in the power of eating ice cream. It may sound silly, but believe me, I’m not joking. The power of your favorite food can be one of the strongest forces you will ever find in the world.

The first memory I have of eating ice cream is when my father had an accident and how to be driven to the hospital in an ambulance.

My neighbors at the time took me to get ice cream to help cheer me up. It was a small gesture, but it cheered me up nonetheless. I ended up coming home to see my dad already back and feeling fine. Being just a little kid at the time, this small emotional victory felt like I had won a war, some unsurpassable obstacle had just been taken out of path and allowed me to walk free.

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All thanks to the power of a small, simple, meaningless ice cream cone.

That one moment was like a revelation, an epiphany, something that made all the pieces click together in one perfect order. And it just so happened that that one perfect order was a deliciously cold snack filled with all sorts of varying snacks. Snacks that somehow managed to change my view on life worked forever.

Throughout my life, from that point on, ice cream was my immediate go to. It became a sort of coping mechanism in my life.

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Like a core belief, if eyes are the windows to the soul, then ice cream must be the key to the heart. Like the Holy Grail of security blankets, emotional medicine, or just good times.

As good memories began to become attached to the deliciously cold snack I began to eat it more and more. I would crunch down on Rocky Road when I was upset, feel the spiked flare of Mint Chocolate Chip when I was happy, or taste the comforting, chewy chunks of Cookie Dough when I was sad. Regardless of how I might have been feeling at the time, there was always a flavor there, waiting to comfort me.

Even though my favorite food happens to be ice cream, yours doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be a food. I believe that we all need some kind of coping mechanism. It can be anything. Ice cream helps me get through the struggle of day to day life. Whether I’m stressed at school or anything else that may happen to be going on that day, it’s nice to come home after a long day and know that I have a constant. That I have something that wouldn’t dream of letting me down, something that will always be there waiting for me, in my freezer when I come home. Unless, of course, my brother eats it all.

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