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Have you ever gone to the store to purchase a skin care product to help prevent acne and make your skin beautiful; all you find are products aimed towards older women stating something to do with wrinkles? I don’t know about you, but I’m too young to even think about wrinkles at this point in my life. I just wanted something to make my skin look and feel good but at the same time help prevent break outs.

The solution is “Glow”. The name says it all. It will give you radiant, clear skin. “Glow” skin cream is not a need, it’s a want. Therefore, we must stand out above the many other products on the shelves. Our target audience is teenagers through early thirty year old, middle class women who are looking for radiant, clear skin at an affordable price. The best way to market to these women is through the internet and magazines.

Glow skin cream is different than other skin creams on the market for many reasons: After just one week of use your skin will look and feel healthier, more radiant, it provides light-weight coverage, hydrates and smoothens skin, visibly reduces redness, conceals flaws, it’s infused with minerals and antioxidants, and has SPF 15 protection all in one bottle.

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Some beauty products have enough chemicals to clean a toilet! “Glow” skin cream is all natural and helps your skin to look its best.

“Glow” is targeted to attract teenagers to early thirty-year old females.

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Let’s face it; teens won’t be purchasing this product on their own; parents will love the cost. The product is affordable enough that they will be repeat buyers. If ordered online a discount will be given to buyers who purchase more than two at a time. According to the woman we surveyed they were happy with the way the product works as well as the reasonable price. “Glow” is available for all skin types and nationalities. Different woman require different needs depending on their skin type, their geographic location, and nationality. A woman located in Florida tends to need a product that protects against sun damage, where a woman located in Denver would need something to help with dry skin; “Glow” has different products featured towards these skin types. Packaging is aimed towards a younger crowd as well; hot pink with gold lettering. It’s attractive and girly; young and fun looking, but also has a touch of elegance. It will stand out on the shelf or online. It won’t be an eye sore, but it will grab your attention as you check out the shelf for a product.

Teens these days are on social media sites all throughout the day. When they wake up in the morning they log in to Facebook; as if it’s the morning paper. I would advertise on this site; as well as many others. Twitter and YouTube, just to name a couple are great for targeting a certain market. Each site gives you options on whom you’d like these ads to pop up for based on the users demographics entered when they created their accounts. Google also offers an option similar to this. If a person were to enter in their search certain key words then your ad would be on the side of the page results. You choose the keywords that go along with your ad. For example, if someone were to search: face, cream, or skin care; then our ad for “Glow” would show up on the side of the search results. The Internet is a great resource to take advantage of for advertising. Most people are on the internet at least one time a day; as long as the ad is catchy, it will get someone’s attention. Another great place to advertise to the twenty to thirty year old woman would be magazines, such as Cosmopolitan. For a fee you are able to get product ads located throughout the magazine, I would utilize this option and put a coupon on the ad to get the product at a discounted price.

Overall, I believe if we market the product correctly; packaging, prices, and attract the correct consumers “Glow” will be very successful in the tough skin cream market. All three of these are key focuses in having a successful product.

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