Swot Analysis of Ice Cream Industry


•Newly established company producing quality product with good taste.
•Joint venture project
•Directors are well experienced and credible.
•Back up by the entire current and fixed assets of the project.
•Wide variety of unique ice cream and dessert flavors.
•Strong presence and support of its associated sister concern s The bakery café. High quality product.

Established and recognized brand


•Newly established company having less market
•Difficulties in penetrating a new market..
•Tough competition in the market from international and national ice cream products.

•Size of market is limited as the supply of the product is limited to Kathmandu and few major cities of the country.
•Seasonal sales of the product.

•General problem faced by ice cream manufacturing companies like load shedding problem, damage return and untimely delivery to retailers.
•Credit facilities is not secured by land and building.


•The consumption of ice cream and frozen desert is increasing in hotels, restaurant, parties and various other occasions. As the company is catering quality product with good taste in reasonable price there is high demand of product and company has good opportunities to grow in the future.

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•The Company is expanding its business in major cities outside valley like Biratnagar, Birgunj, Itahari etc. •Business environment is slowly but surely regaining its lost glory as there are less number of harmful incidents of bandhs and strikes at present.

•Rising income,change in lifestyle party cultures
•Large young population and very hot summer
•High economic growth and market liberalization
•Growing Ice cream market


•There is threat of competition from international and national brands like Frosty, Baskin Robbins, Cream Bell, DDC, ND’s etc.

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•Country’s prolonged political transitions, uncertain economic situation, labor unions and load shedding has adversely affected the business environment of the country.
•Low income population and threat of infrastructure
•Economical and regulatory changes
•Threat of substitutes.

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Swot Analysis of Ice Cream Industry
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