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Popularity, easily recognized, a lot of finance, Customer loyalty, International Trade. Weaknesses: Lack of popularity of some F&N’s drinks that most unknown and rarely seen, low profile or non-existent advertising, health issues. Threats: Changing health-consciousness attitude, competition. Opportunities: Many successful brands to pursue, advertise its less popular products, buy out competition, more brand recognition. Essay Form: Strength- F&N company is an extremely recognizable company. Therefore, popularity is one of its superior advantage that almost incomparable. It’s branding is clear and easy to identify and recognize.

Without a doubt, there’s almost no beverage company can compare to F&N’s social popularity status. Some people buy F&N’s products, not only because of its taste, but also because it is widely accepted and they feel like they are unifying. Thus, overwhelming is the best word to describe F&N’s popularity. Besides that, money is another thing that is strength of the F&N Company.

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The company deals with massive amounts of income all the year. Like the other businesses, they had their ups and downs financially, but they have done well in this compartment and will continue to improve themselves.

Moreover, customer loyalty is another important strength of F&N Company. Many people are extremely loyal to F&N. It would not be rare to find a bottle or a can of F&N drink in a house. Customers will continually purchase these products, and will probably do so for a long time.

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With F&N’s ability to sell their products all over the world, customers will continue to buy what they know and what they like. Weaknesses- Although F&N is a very successful company with limited weaknesses, but they do have a variety of weaknesses. Firstly, lack of popularity of many F&N’s drinks.

Many drinks that they produce are extremely popular such as Coke and Sprite, but this company has almost 400 different types of drink. Most of them are unknown and rarely seen for available purchase. The main reason of popularity lacking is basically a result of low profile or non-existent advertising. Secondly, another weakness is that health issues that surround some of their products. Everybody knows that popular product like Coke is not very beneficial to your body and health. With today’s constant shift to health products, some of F&N products could possibly loose customers.

Threats- Even the fact that F&N Company dominates its market, it still has to deal with many threats. Nowadays, many people are constantly trying to change their eating and drinking habits. This could directly or indirectly affect the sale of F&N products. Additionally, some people may try to exploit the unhealthy side of F&N products and could threaten the status and success of sales. Also, competition of the other beverage is another threat that F&N Company must face. Beverages such as juices, coffee, and milk are threats. These other beverages and this could threaten the potential success it presents again.

Opportunities- F&N Company has many successful brands that it should continue exploit and pursue. The company also has the opportunity to advertise its less popular products. With a large income the company has the available money to put some of these other beverages on the market. Another opportunity that we have seen being put to use before is the ability for F&N to buy out their competition. This opportunity rarely presents itself in the world of business. However, with F&N’s power and success, such a task is not impossible.

Recently, F&N has bought out a countless number of drink brands. This is an easy way to turn their profit into your profit. Also, Brand recognition is the significant factor affecting Cokes competitive position. F&N is known well throughout 90% of the world population today. Now F&N wants to get there brand name known even better and possibly get closer and closer to100%. It is an opportunity that most companies will ever dream of, and would be a supreme accomplishment. F&N has an opportunity to continue to widen the gap between them and their competitors.

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Swot of F&N company
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