SWOT Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses of the Samsung Company

Samsung is a South Korean organization. The matter of that organization begins from little exchanging, at that point it turn into that biggest organization of the entire world with in brief day and age. In reality it was set up in 1969 in Suwon, South Korea. The recognizable proof of that organization its electronic item. The significant results of such organization are electronic apparatus for example of cell phones and additionally tablets, workstation, TVs, icebox, ventilation systems, clothes washers likewise numerous more items.

The offer of organization is in excess of 80 nations and their representatives right around 326000 in everywhere throughout the world. In addition the organization got first position in the biggest IT creator item in 2009. The overall offers of such organization began in 1990 touched base in Asia and in addition in Europe and American district. The solid results of the organization that PDAs, TVs, Cameras, LCD/LED and now proceed onward 3D TVs.

The Samsung Company is one of the main organizations on the planet today.

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It follows its underlying foundations back to 1938 when Lee Byung-chull began a little exchanging organization in Su-dong, South Korea that had practical experience in offering merchandise around the city. Afterward, the organization developed and extended to Seoul in 1947. With the episode of the Korean War, the organization debilitated and when the war finished, Lee extended it into the biggest woolen factory in Korea. The development proceeded and inside the following three decades it had expanded into different bareas, including material, nourishment handling, securities, retail and protection.

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Samsung entered electronic industry in the second 50% of the 1960s and shaped four electronic divisions, in particular Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, Samsung Electronic Devices and Samsung Semiconductors and Telecommunications.

In the mid 1970s, it had wandered into shipbuilding, yet Lee's passing made it to be isolated into four business bunches that include: Samsung Group, Hansol Group, CJ Group and Shinsegae Group which has driven it into monstrous development making it the a standout amongst other organizations today.

Today, Samsung is striving and growing into one of the most successful companies ever. It has an extensive product line that caters to many different people. Samsung is continuously expanding their business in India by research and development in their products. It’s becoming the emerged as top brand in India in 2014.The Samsung have 42 percent market share in mobile business.


  • Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
  • Samsung Engineering.
  • Samsung Everland.
  • Samsung Fine Chemicals.
  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.
  • Samsung Heavy Industries.
  • Samsung Life Insurance.
  • Samsung Machine Tools.
  • Samsung Medical Center.
  • Samsung Securities.
  • Shilla Hotels and Resort.


  • SONY.
  • NOKIA.
  • LG.
  • LLOYD.

The SWOT examination covers four measurements the qualities. Coming up short. Shots and hazards. By going through a SWOT examination. You end up insightful of the vast majority of import measurements that affect the activities of the organization. Once a SWOT investigation has been jarred you can accompany pertinent plans keeping in mind the end goal to win in the competitor condition. A decent SWOT examination can help the organization and opponents put themselves in the market prudently. In this way. here we take a gander at the SWOT Analysis of Samsung to give you an idea of how the organization is running in the universe.


Samsung has a wide stock degree. Which enables them to get plentiful market divide from grouped markets. This enables Samsung to non only pick up an exceptional yield yet it other than enables them to differentiate their Threat and disappointment. Harmonizing to numerous magazines. Samsung holds an imperative piece of the market partition in about the entirety of its stocks. Samsung is a rumored name and numerous individuals know about it around the universe.

Samsung SWOT analysis:

In SWOT Analysis we will examine about organization quality, shortcoming, open doors and additionally strings of said organization. The accompanying under specified focuses is recorded underneath to demonstrate all the more adequately:

Strength: - Samsung such a biggest organization of fruitful hardware improvement. That is a world biggest producer of TVs as LCD and also LED. The world solid ID of Samsung Company is advanced cells and cell phones. As per the US report of Samsung PDA utilization are in the entire world. The market rate and quality standard substantially higher as to different contenders. The outlining and innovation use are considerably more progress. Besides it's a main advertiser of mobile phones with 21.5% biggest piece of the pie in the 2015. Around then apple was number two with 13.9%.

Samsung is exceptional in research and outline division that is a major reason of making good items with not so much cost but rather more emotional. Samsung have solid assembling and promoting systems. Samsung manage the long haul venture that is manufacture solid connection between clients. Samsung mark reputation expanded over 80% in earlier years. Samsung was the first association that presented double screen mobiles additionally 65 KTFT/LCD shading telephones, likewise have pivoting focal point.

Extraordinary compared to other preparations of Samsung was the improvement of the world littlest MP3 players. Samsung additionally took advantages of the developing economy of Asia through building up their items in India. Moreover their item revamping and its stand nearly at high stand. The Production of the items took after by nature. That additionally expands convenience.

The administration is high at that point no spending issue to be confronted. It has monstrous market spending which increment their fame and in addition their attention is too great that influence their deals in positive way. Since notice is the foundation of the any organization or association achievement.

There are some points of strength are given below:

O revolution design: - Samsung offers a great deal of handsets with the numerous kind of outline with various appearances with increment the fascination of those items.

Cost and quality focus: - the cost and quality are the fundamental hotspot for accomplishment in deals, then again Samsung has solid positive cost and quality designs.

Diversity of products: - Samsung has an enormous assortment of items in a single place which else increment their deals. Additionally if the deal on item goes down them alternate items deal might be turned out to be higher. Those keep up the association adjust.

Low production cost: - they offer their items at bring down cost as contrast with their rivals that additionally five colossal favorable circumstances in such type of client development connection likewise the expansion of offers. Through ease creation the shot of misfortune is substantially lesser.

Use of technology: - Samsung utilizing elevated requirement quick innovation in all items simply like dc invertors ac and in addition led then more successful different strategies which pull in the client regularly in phones their generation are high caliber that expansion their deal and in addition mark exposure.

Brand popularity: - Through brand ubiquity they manage the feelings of the general population at that point get attractive outcomes. The real advantage is that any office item can be deal likewise mark name can't pulverize. Additionally through brand exposure individuals lean toward that items since they give benefits as the guarantees. Conventional brand picture of an undertaking are the solid purpose of the Samsung Company.

  • Samsung is becoming world known brands. Its available in 200 countries.
  • It’s investing in R&D and innovation of Products.
  • It is well diversified and customizing its product as per the customer requirement.
  • Samsung have widest range of products.
  • It has n1 mobile brand in India.
  • Samsung has advantage of economy of Asian market.
  • Samsung has won many awards due tits ability tmake innovative, sleek and slim products.

Weakness: - The essential shortcomings are to such an extent that. The correlation amongst Samsung and I-telephone in advertise its on low position, besides US Samsung showcase fell by 2.3% between 2014 to 2015. Conversely the apples share cost increment by 34.9%. Likewise some Chinese advertiser contending Samsung through different advanced mobile phones, for example Hawaii shares increment over 48.1% year 2014 to 2015.

The other central point is with the end goal that Samsung is profoundly relying on shopper electronic deals in showcase. About Samsung gadget that utilization the Google android open source working framework. Numerous client think android isn't useable as contrast with IO's apple. Overview gives data about individuals decision they think apple items as more progress and also solid to contrast and Samsung. Additionally the present markets about endeavors are not as complex as apple's. As of late Samsung dined a progression of advanced mobile phones which prompted cannibalization. Likewise the present request of LCD board too is decreased in future. Still in Asia Nokia is thinking about much better. The main consideration is Samsung is an equipment pioneer yet has excessively reliance on programming. Online store that offers a wide nature of such items are giving development bargains. The real issue of Samsung is the nonappearance of possess working framework (OS) and also programming. As of late it harms their own particular image because of the item fulfill issues that a major factor of its shortcoming. They give to low benefit advertise as contrast with such these china items like Hawaii. They gave gives much better overall revenue. Then again the upper hands are difficult to manage. Likewise the extra parts issue which are too exorbitant for any individual, in light of the fact that their old advanced cell save parts is relatively equivalent present value extend. Additionally the spillage of information one of the significant issue.

Low profit margin: - Samsung one of the best company, but their manufacture on specific point is really distrustful, because it always keeps low profit major. On the other hand there are lots competitors in the present market so, must be keeping the customer engagement through providing suitable price. Through giving high margin the relationship between customer and consumer should be increase so always try to moderate the thing.

Demanding the image by infringements: - Through the as of late occurrences influenced their image exposure and picture in negative way. There are some setback happens such like shooting the entire cell and also the short out and the battery of issues are the most well-known.

To large product diversity: - it was parcel of time likewise takes a great deal of work if the item portfolio is expansive. It won't not be conceivable to offer fixation to all items with their significance. So their claim since it is generally so basic for administration. Because of the assorted variety of such items is basic in light of the fact that their testing and claim is enormous issue.

Lacking of own operating system: - as contrast with apple they have claim working framework, yet then again samsung has not there working framework they utilized other working framework. They utilized other working framework that is exorbitant and in addition time utilization at that high stage. Likewise their product duplication chances are excessively.

Less quality as apple: - when we contrast and the best brand then it gives negative outcome. Moreover when we discuss its quality Apple is doing great such handset since utilize fulfillment is in favor of Apple items as contrast and the Samsung. System Note 8 battery issues one of the ongoing issue at their quality illustration. Additionally Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review, wiping out is on other their low quality evidence. To numerous Samsung set have issue in set or battery consuming that dependably diminishes their items trust in individuals.

Heavily dependent on consumer electronic: - The main consideration is reliance on customer gadgets is considerably more as contrast with different makes, that effect negative on their essential deal and in addition their conveyance or creation.

Dependance of other: - It can't deliver entire kind of programming, some product or some product can't support to each other that why at that point rely upon outsider vigorously.

Samsung never introduces a new design on its own; it waits for its competitors attack. Thus, it missed the first mover advantages. Like Apple.

Not user friendly;

Difference between cultural and language which leads to group conflicts.

Samsung is a hardware leader but has too much of dependence for software from other parties.

Chinese products focus on economies of scale and dump into Indian market for lesser cost. Due to that it decreases the sales of Samsung.

Samsung does not charge high price for its products, therefore often people relate the low price .

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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