SWOT Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses of Foodpanda Co

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SWOT analysis

The successful business is built on a series of decisions, so the analysis of the situation and react the way is very important (Fallon, 2018). While trying to assess the conditions of the land, there is no more useful tool than a SWOT analysis (Fallon, 2018). S stands for strength, W stands for weakness, O represents opportunity and T represents a threat (Contributor,2015). SWOT analysis is a planning process that allows your company to overcome the challenges and identify new directions (Fallon, 2018).

A key to SWOT analysis is to establish a stable organization (Contributor,2015). For any enterprise, this analysis is very useful. It helps people understand their objective, goals and aspirations (Contributor,2015). The search for the food panda's SWOT analysis has been conducted for its rivals to understand how other food-delivery services are learning from their flaws, and how to improve the food production of food pandas (Rajan, 2016). SWOT analysis involves internal which is strengths and weaknesses within the company and external which is opportunities and threats within the company (Fallon, 2018).

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Foodpanda is a worldwide brand image (Faridi, 2017). The Foodpanda is a convenient online delivery service (Faridi, 2017). It is easy to browse and user-friendly because it has a wide variety of menu. It's a good global navigation bar and has an attractive flag (Faridi, 2017). Foodpanda by popular food vendor don't need to go to stores and restaurants can come into contact with the customer, so as to realize the accessibility (Faridi, 2017). They didn't order it on the phone, and they didn't want to order it on the phone or on the Internet in a simple way, but it was steadily "shaping the market", ordering food online (Rajan, 2016).

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They are make it easy for customers to place orders, including booking options, and pay online through 24-hour mobile applications and websites (Faridi, 2017). The customer can also easily leave or gain a comment on the local supplier (Foodpanda, n.d.). The company allows customers to select by category which is main course and dessert, and cuisine which Chinese food, western food and much more, and provide customized services through the ordering process (Foodpanda, n.d.). The company's brand name is also strong, thanks to its success in the global market (Foodpanda, n.d.).

Besides that, Foodpanda have trained people for making delivery (Rajan, 2016). Foodpanda will allow employees to be familiar with the area name for a long time, so as to avoid the food cooling and the inability to deliver food to customers on a regular basis because they are not familiar with the area (Rajan, 2016). They will Make sure people are trained to be good drivers first, then good delivery drivers (Rajan, 2016). They have grown into one of the largest reservation portal (Rajan, 2016). Delivery driver must be trained to be polite and professional in their interactions with customers and suppliers (Pang, 2017). Delivery driver have an application through which their performance is carefully measured (Pang, 2017). The more positive feedback a delivery driver received, the more orders they receive (Pang, 2017). Moreover, the accounting team of the company is a relatively new branch of the Foodpanda family, is responsible for handling of customer, often large orders about 50 to 500 people (Pang, 2017). Each customer to deal with an average of 100 order is no easy job (Pang, 2017). If customers have special requirements or require the personalized, even is the consistency of bulk orders, things will become more difficult (Pang, 2017). They can understandings the customer's needs and requirements, and coordinate all related internal team, to ensure that these requirements are met (Pang, 2017).

Foodpanda have wide coverage of restaurant. They have delivered food in 23 countries and more than 500 cities around the world (Reuters 2015). Foodpanda takes advantage of the wider variety of food options available from anywhere to a user's home and takes advantage of regular restaurants, which focus on serving food from their own restaurants (Foodpanda 2018). Foodpanda also have a Large Market Share and dominant competitiveness power.


Foodpanda’s competition with other similar applications means growth is limited (Davison, 2013). It's limited to certain parts of Malaysia (Davison, 2013). Costly delivery, slow delivery (Davison, 2013). When a people order products from the Foodpanda, “cash on delivery” was selected, because no delivery was changes, so people was necessary to give an accurate number of delivery are accurate (Davison, 2013). If people only have 20 seconds, 50 seconds or 100 seconds, it may be troublesome (Davison, 2013). In addition, Foodpanda claims that delivery is usually within 46-60 minutes (Davison, 2013). However, when people place orders on the website, they need to confirm orders with restaurants and customers (Davison, 2013). In addition, sometimes Foodpanda or restaurant needs more time, which may lead to their food arriving within 1.5 hours after ordering (Davison, 2013). The occasional food selection options for Foodpanda are not clear (Davison,2013). For example, a Thai restaurant where the customer tries to order has many choices, but there is no way to order simple white rice (Davison, 2013). When asking about the taste of food, they even need to communicate with the restaurant before they know that some food is different from the Menu (Davison, 2013).

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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