I am a second year student at The University of Chicago double

I am a second year student at The University of Chicago double majoring in business economics and political science. I learned about Stanton Chase’s Marketing Associate Internship through my school’s job board. I believe that my academic experiences and extracurricular pursuits in college have thoroughly prepared me to succeed as a summer intern at Stanton Chase.

While at the University of Chicago, I have sought out new opportunities to sharpen my communication, problem solving and team building skills. Much of my time outside the classroom is spent competing on a highly selective academic team, Model UN.

I had no exposure to Model UN in high school, but I quickly developed the ability to write clear, persuasive policy papers, give both planned and impromptu speeches, and negotiate with fellow delegates in a fast-paced environment. We ended the year as the number one ranked team in North America, and I tangibly contributed to the team’s success by receiving awards at every competition.

As only one example, my partner and I were recently awarded first place or “Best Delegate” at the Harvard University conference where we were praised by the judges for our compelling oral presentations, attention to detail, and collaborative leadership style.

Other college experiences also reveal my potential as a member of the Stanton Chase marketing team. Within weeks of joining my sorority, I was elected to its leadership council, the governing body responsible for making high-level decisions for the sorority. As a council member, I focused on improving communication channels between members and officers through in-person confidential conferences rather than anonymous online feedback forms.

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While on leadership council, I was also elected a delegate to the university’s Panhellenic Council. In that position, I was my sorority’s official spokesperson and lobbied for policy changes it considered important and beneficial. I also collaborated with other chapters to improve Greek life by arranging for campus programs to address important school-wide issues. I enjoy working in these team-centered environments and hope to continue doing so as a summer intern with your firm.

In closing, I am thrilled at the possibility of interning for Stanton Chase and would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss the value that I can bring to a summer position. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

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