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Editing the Self: David Hume’s Narrative Theory
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Hume’s ideology of “self” is “...supposedly a substance or thing, simple and invariably the same through time. It is the “home” for all our mental states and activities, the “place” where these characteristics are “located.” (Melchert 451). He also claims that the self is a cluster of perceptions from what we experience throughout our life that give us our identity. “I may venture to affirm of the rest of mankind, that they are nothing but a bundle or collection of…...
BeliefDiscovering OneselfHume's Copy PrinciplePhilosophy
Hume’s Principle to the Thomistic Doctrine on Suicide
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David Hume has an antagonistic argument on the morality of suicide. He tackles the argument in a philosophical approach and disdains a superstitious mentality since the contents it can lead to false opinion. According to Hume, a superstitious individual is disallowed from ending a life of misery due to the fear of death that will deny them control over their destiny (Beauchamp, 1976). He states that a superstitious deposition and natural timidity deprives a person all their power. In justifying…...
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