How, Where And What To Guest Post In High Authority Blogs?

The whole scenario of Search Engine Optimization has changed tremendously as the black hat SEO is easily recognized by the Google algorithm and is immediately penalized. Now, the new SEO trend has come up in the digital market and believe it or not, it is working like anything. The trend has not been new but yes, Guest Posting is one of the important parameters to rank your brand ahead on Google.

It is simply the best authoritative and promotional campaign you can do to make your company seen by millions.

Though, there are certain rules and regulations that is to be strictly followed so as to jump off the bar in the SEO and Guest Posting world. Before going 'How to', let's understand 'Where to' aspect of Guest Posting.

Where to Guest Post?

Certainly, every author and the brands are craving to post their articles on INC, Forbes, Fast Company, HuffingtonPost, Entrepreneur, Vulture, The New York Post, Washington post, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, Mashable, The Guardian, Life Hacker, Search Enginer Journal, Contently, BuzzFeed, BBC, and many other blogs whose one backlink can make a whole new impact on the business profile.

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The original question was where to post as a guest author to make it helpful for SEO.

One of the fascinating thing about guest posting is that it should be done on a reputed brand as per the Google. You can't submit guest posts on blogs whose Alexa Rank is above 5 lakh or whose authority in social media is almost negligible.

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Our main focus on the guest post is to showcase our organization through their means. The brands which have alexa rank 0-50k are tough to reach, but the blogs with 50k-100k are easy to reach. Yet, both the categories are to be approached simultaneously.

'The Descending approach of Guest Posting' can be applied effectively here. That means Forbes will not accept your profile and article if the brand and the author is not e-visible on Google so you should start if from the last and make your profile/brand stronger. The more articles your brand is featuring on various other blogs, the more redirection your brand will get. This will be very reformative and facilitative for SEO purpose.

The good thing about the descending approach is that you can put your brand outside the article and sometimes inside too. Your profile will have a URL of your own website, but sometimes you can insert your brand name or article posted in your blog into the Guest Posting article. Well, if it's accepted, it is a bonus, isn't it?

How to Guest Post?

As I already mentioned, it is not possible to go for the above listed high authority sites directly but for doing that miraculously, it is necessary to go step by step. Just as I had a so-so profile but then I guest posted on Business2Community,; this gave me a chance to do a guest post on,, and e27. This all profile became the pillars when I approached And eventually, to sum it up, I made a gentle approach to HuffingtonPost as then, I have had the most reputed profile on Google. My own company has now the legit emblem to be broadcasted globally.

There are certain guidelines that need to be followed while doing and directing towards the 'Descending Approach'. Here are few vital ones:

  • In the starting guest-posting articles, the articles shouldn't look promotional, and to nowhere it should redirect to your personal brand.
  • Always include the high authority blogs sources and links in the articles. This will be useful when you approach the same high authority blogs for Guest Posting.
  • The best thing about Guest Posting is to target a specific keywords that would rank on Google. Make the URL and your keyword attached and together for every guest post profile.
  • Make your article more than 1000+ as it will be filtered out automatically in the respective blogs' newsletters and magazines.
  • It should be always taken care of: The article should have a center of attraction and no generalized incomplete information.
  • Don't bore the readers writing irrelevant content in the beginning and ending; the middle space can be used for detailed explanation.

What to Guest Post?

Along with the above interrogative question, the final question you should ask is 'What to Guest Post?'

It is always a difficult task to write an article and then face the rejection repeatedly but sometimes all you have to do is some smart work. Smart works pay more long time, hard work makes it stay long time. Let us know why some famous digital content writers like Jeff Haden, Leonard Kim, Jessica Stillman, Melissa Burns, John Nemo and many others personalities have come up with the vast article reach and share, ended up in INC, Forbes, Huffington Post and other prominent blogs.

The most common thing about the above list is that they knew how to demonstrate and present themselves in the market. They had been more and more engaging in the personal blogs on '', and other open platforms where the content can be seen globally by all the experts in that particular category. They write, comment and engage continuously to make their portfolio robust and neat enough to raise their voice about the subjects they want to speak or talk about.

When you know 'what to guest post', then it becomes quite easy for anyone to be seen and appreciated. When you try to share it on multiple social networks and groups, it gets exponential shares and this is how few articles have 50k shares approximately. Now, this element can be useful for the guest poster as 'Honorary Writer' admired by so and so number of people. It will be added as a 'Feather' to your cap. 

Knowing all the criteria, you will begin to develop, grow and increase your profile digitally. Wait a second to take this important note: This is not a single day process; it takes patience and perseverance. Hold it, do it, implement it, wait for it, and move further. 

Updated: May 19, 2021
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