Exceeding Guest Expectations: Concerns and Features

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One of the biggest dangers an organization faces is the people that ‘know’ what a Customer expects. The conversation normally goes like this, “I know what our customers want, I have been doing this job for years.” Or, “I have been a Customer of our product for years, so I know what Customers want.” NO, YOU DON’T. Please don’t fall into that trap. To find out a Customer’s expectations you must ask them! They might not be not what your management would like them to be.

People like consistency. If you're going to give great service, do it every time. Customers create expectations from their previous experiences- they want consistency and quality; this is the only way to make them feel valuable. Deliver on your promises every time, not only when it's convenient for you to do so.

In fact, they might even go to town promoting you for completely changing their opinion about you!. Yet, their loyal following doesn’t seem to dwindle, right? This is not peculiar though.

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Ask your customers for their feedback. Your customers will still be vulnerable to competitors and, say, the moment they find a product in the market that is cheaper than yours, there is a tendency to jump ship.

But before you force a latest offering down an existing customer’s throat, do you know whether they are happy purchasing from your company? Don’t be revenue driven. The money will start flowing once you start understanding and caring for your customers.

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It won’t get you anywhere. And when you prioritize these relationships like you mean it, customers will eventually start identifying with your brand as a whole, not just with your modish products, and that is when true loyalty and delight kicks in.

Instead, identify what makes your business unique – what makes you ‘YOU’ – and keep improvising this bit at each and every customer interaction/engagement. Beyond the basic things that customers expect from companies, there is always a unique trigger that gets the customer to buy from you. All you got to do is ASK. Get to know what their needs are and only then can you figure out their expectations and devise a way to exceed them. Merely satisfying customer expectations is more like playing the safe game.

What is it? Is it your staff, your ambience or your delivery service? And once you discover this piece of the puzzle, it becomes easier to give your customers more than what they want. Customer feedback, if leveraged correctly, presents a clear picture of what your brand should be doing in order to surpass expectation levels. The most customer-centric brands have made it a point to apologize outright every time they commit a mistake or let down a customer.

Let’s face it – even the best of companies have made their fair share of mistakes. Customers do have empathy and when mistakes are acknowledged, the respect and love they have for their favourite brand only goes up. In fact, when a business takes ownership and apologizes sincerely to a customer, the true value of this relationship can be seen.

A guest’s experience is made by the people who serve them. So from the top of the hotel to the bottom, all employees must treat guests with respect. Exceptional service comes from treating people in the way in which you would like to be treated. It is giving guest respect for what they are – people just like you. Serving others well is a special characteristic. Some say it takes a special personality – others say it can be learned. Whatever your belief, serving others comes from a respect for the individual and it is the foundation for any hotel that expects customers to stay and enjoy. Your guests deserve a warm welcome, attentive staff, and service that makes their stay a “home-away-from-home” the way it should. And while hotel employee’s interaction with guests make it a good or bad experience, respect for the guest will drive motivate your employees to levels of exceptional service.

With trained technicians who are knowledgeable and demonstrate competency when performing the services. Experiment with different incentives to help motivate efforts to improve their skills and knowledge. A free treatment, an extra day off, or a little extra cash can go a long way. Most importantly, say thank you. Feeling appreciated is a reward that is not forgotten.

When operational and managerial systems (i.e., operating guidelines, employee manuals, training in service standards, job descriptions, reception and sales scripts, service and retail goals, etc.) are in place to ensure that the staff are professional and have attended to all the guests’ needs. The next two factors describe the experience guests will remember and what will motivate them to plan future visits and to share their experiences with friends, family and on social media. Spa guests expect a swish journey through your spa, one that's straightforward and pleasant, from the initial contact to check-out, and while not problem, frustration or confusion.

Ensure that guests understand the treatments offered and each expected benefit by designing an easy to read and visually appealing treatment menu. Provide flexibility in booking appointments and train your booking/reception staff to be helpful, engaging and aware of the booking nuances. You may also want to consider investing in booking software to allow guests to book online — your competitor probably has done so already. Clearly mark public areas with appropriate lighting so your guests never feel lost or get stuck in a crowded hallway. Utilize colors, lighting, textures, and sound to create a feeling of calm and continuity as guests move through your spa.

A courteous and attentive staff can be your most valuable factor in providing a pleasurable spa experience for your guests. Hire people you’d want to work for and you’ll have an exceptional staff that keeps your guests coming back for more! In summary, strive to meet the needs stated above and guests will return again and again. Also, they will share their experiences with others, which will generate more revenue by word of mouth, the strongest form of referral.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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