A plan to stop or reverse global warming is needed before irreversible damage occurs and there is no going back. Some scientists believe that an alternative source of energy is needed to replace the toxic fossil fuels. Renewable energy is slowly taking the spot from fossil fuels, as it is more sustainable and eco-friendlier. There are different types of renewable energy.

For example, there is solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy. Although solar energy might be the most known out of them.

Solar energy is the change of energy from sunlight to electricity. There are more than 69 gigawatts (GW) of solar installed in the U.S., enough to power more than 13.1 million homes. Over the last decade, the solar market in the United States has grown at an average rate of 50% each year. There are more than 2 million individual solar installations in the U.S., ranging from small home rooftop systems to large utility-scale systems that add hundreds of megawatts of clean electricity to the power grid.

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Wind power is probably the second most known source of energy. Wind turbines are basically a tower with three blades mounted on the top.

Wind energy pushes the blades which are connected to a shaft that is connected to a generator. Pierce, E, and Wood, D(2014) state, to ensure the future of wind power, the efficiency of the wind turbines must be increased. While reducing cost. from 22 percent for wind turbines installed before 1998 to more than 32 percent for turbines installed between 2006 and 2012. The cost of wind energy has been reduced by about 55 cents per kilowatt-hour in 1980 to less than 6 centskwh today in areas with good wind resources.

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Joyce (2017) claims that many reasons play a role in global warming problems. For example, cars and factories.

We can aid to reduce the damage taken by the earth`s atmosphere by reducing our carbon footprint by walking and cycling to work and school, and less use on electricity. Although global warming is a natural phenomenon, we are severely contributing to making it worse. The solution to fight global warming starts with raising awareness. For future generations and nature.

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