The environment as of now causes everyone to be in trouble. To stop the global warming, Citizens should learn how to reduce the use of plastic, plant more trees, and consume energy more wisely.

First, global warming means the increase of the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, by using less plastic, citizens could alleviate to the eco-system disruption. Plastics are very durable, cheap, and can even last for a lifetime. But over the years, a lot of things are changing just because of plastic.

Many sea turtles have died since they have eaten plastic bags because they thought it was a jellyfish that they could eat. Not only the animals in the world are being affected, but also mother nature itself. Citizens should know when and how to use plastic bags in a proper manner.

As for myself, as much as possible, I help to minimize plastic pollution by using metal straws, spoons, and forks. I bring them every day with me so whenever I go out to get food, I do not have to ask for disposable plastic utensils to help save the environment.

Bringing our own eco bag or what we call reusable grocery bags every time we shop or do some groceries will stop the destruction of our eco-system. The three R’s means reduce, reuse, recycle. Every product that we use has a label if it can be reused or recycled. Reduce means reducing the products that people should buy and avoiding the products with too much packaging.

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All these plastics can last for a lifetime and may affect the environment. Secondly, recycling is where reuse things that are reusable and do not easily break. Lastly, recycle. There are a lot of kinds of stuff that citizens could recycle, like, papers, cans, plastic, and glass. It could make new things like toys or even clothes. It would reduce almost fifty percent of the material that can all go to waste. We should look for items that can be recycled instead of the items that cannot be used anymore because it can save more money and could be much more convenient. Therefore, by using fewer plastics, citizens could help the world be a better place to live in.

As our climate changes and causes global warming, We Citizens plant more trees around the world. As we all know, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Around my community, I was worried when I saw that all the trees and plants are cut down because they were building more houses around the area. I cannot imagine how many trees were lost. We can get flooding in the area because of all the trees that were cut down. That is why I do as much as possible. I plant my own plants and let them grow so that, even if it is just a small thing to do, I can still be able to help my community.

Trees provide a lot of benefits to all the citizens in the world by preventing soil erosion, adding beauty to our community, help flying animals have a place to live, give us a cooling shade, and help clean the water. The country of Pakistan plans to plant billions of trees to help fight climate change and restore all empty forests that were affected. They plan to plant trees to help reduce the risk of flooding from the melting glaciers and to protect the fast eroding landscape in Pakistan. These small acts can help stop global warming. All of us should make a stand and act now.

Finally, by consuming energy wisely, citizens will use all these things in a proper way. We use energy every day, in cars, lights, cooling, and manufacturing. In my Filipino culture, almost everyone bathes rather than showers. We use a dipper and pail of water when we take a bath. Every time we need to wash our bodies, we turn on the faucet, Once the pale gets full, we turn it off to reduce waste. We also do not have water heaters. We are used to taking baths with cold water. Doing these small things, we are helping the community to use less energy as much as possible.

Saving energy means consuming less. It will also lessen the carbon dioxide that can be released into the atmosphere. A lot of houses that are being built right now have solar panels that are readily available for use. Solar panels help reduce air pollution, water pollution, and the need for resources. By using solar panels, we can get the energy source straight from the sun. It can be used repeatedly. It also helps us to save so much money. Instead of paying for electrical bills, we can just save it or set it aside to pay for other important necessities.

To conclude, citizens can do a lot to stop global warming. We humans are all responsible for what goes in the world right now. If we do not act today, what will happen to the future? Imagine all the babies that are being born today. Do they deserve all of this? We need to change our thinking and help our communities, our countries, and our world to restore all the things that are lost. We must move in engaging new capabilities and better ways to stop global warming.

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