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Global Problems

Categories Biology, Environment, Environmental Issues, Global Warming, Hiv, Poverty, Science, Society

Essay, Pages 3 (735 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (735 words)

Problems that affect the whole world either directly or indirectly are said to be global problems and they could range from being economical, social, political or environmental. According to me insecurity, global warming, Aids, poverty and energy are today’s five major global problems. (www. globalissues. org) Global warming is a major factor affecting or precipitating climate change, which has led to many adverse effects globally. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect, which is caused by greenhouse gases that include CO2, nitric acid, methane hydro fluorocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride.

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Man’s activities like burning of coal to produce electricity, transportation sector and cutting down of trees for lumbering, settlement and farming, waste products and domestic uses of energy cause global warming. Global warming has led to extreme weather events like droughts, floods, super storms and increased temperatures which have caused the destruction of property, loss of lives, psychological problems and extinction of some animal and plant species. (www. globalissues. org). Displacement of people has increased with children being rendered orphans and homeless.

Governments have been forced to increase their expenditures to assist the affected. Those leaving along coasts as they try to protect their structures have incurred additional costs. Insecurity is another major global problem. Threats of both domestic and international terrorism have been on the rise and people live in fear of attacks. Terrorists undertake their activities as a way of coercing governments to influence them adhere to their social, religious or political ideologies. (www. globalissues.

org). Since ideologies are subject to be diverse and conflicting, terrorism may become a common thing.

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Attacks like the 9/11 lead to the destruction property and loss of lives as well as psychological trauma to many. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons can be applied in such incidences creating massive destruction. There is also need to control arms so as to reduce the chances of increased insecurity levels. Aids pandemic is also a major global problem that calls for an immediate response.

It has the death of millions of people across the globe especially in the sub-Saharan Africa. Millions are living with the disease as other millions register new infections annually. (www. globalissues. org) The disease due to their reduced protein and calorie consumption adversely affects poor people; inequalities in income and migration effects largely affect people living in poverty. Aids is a global problem as it’s an infectious disease affecting many and as populations decrease adverse effects are experienced on the economy as productivity levels are comprised.

(www. globalissues. org) Poverty is also a major global problem. Approximately half the world’s population lives on less than two dollars per day. Poverty causes adverse effects on education, health and population. Poor people do not access quality education that can enable them upgrade their status. Without adequate finances it is difficult to access quality health and this causes lowered life expectancy rates as well as infant mortality rates.

Poverty is the reason behind the dominance of the rich and powerful states on the poor countries. Structural adjustment policies (SAPS) by the rich countries are a major cause of increased poverty rates in developing countries. Rich countries are forced to intervene by providing aids to the poor countries. (www. globalissues. org) Energy is a global problem too. The issue of energy security is critical and raises major concerns and fears. There have been fears that oil reserves could be depleted leading to energy shortages across the globe.

Reliance on foreign sources of energy would have adverse effects on countries especially when prices fluctuate. Energy could also cause instability leading to terrorism. It can also create environmental problems that have global effects. Other global problems according to my friends, family and classmates include racism, genetically engineering food and natural disasters. To them these issues should be well addressed to reduce their impacts. People of color tend to be discriminated in most western countries. (www. globalissues. org).

Even in African countries incidences of racism are also evident and to ensure that equality in established international human rights must be respected. Countries across the globe should be very keen in establishing measures to combat natural disasters should they arise. Some also sees obesity as a global problem and they site the health risks it is associated with as of great concerns.


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