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Reverse logistics

Logistics Services In Netherland

The FGS reverse logistics management expertise available in the Netherlands can deliver a reduction in total cost of service to Companies in the Netherlands while also improving end-customer satisfaction levels by ensuring the returns process is a convenient and efficient experience.
Reverse logistics services in Netherlands include the management of all major categories of product returns including defective and dead-on-arrival products, buyer remorse returns, demo returns and stock rotation returns.

By leveraging our integrated network of reverse logistics facilities and automated IT systems FGS can automate and manage entire reverse logistics process globally with consistency and accuracy.

Reverse logistics services in Netherlands lower the total cost of service by centralizing all returns processing, automating product disposition and setting Beyond Economic Yield (BEY) limits for repair/refurbishment based on ROI. Flextronics Global Services’ reverse logistics process provides a data interface, quickly arbitrates disposition/credit and routes products for recovery, refurbishment, repair or disposition for companies in the Netherlands.

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Reverse Logistics Services In Netherlands Include:

  •  Reverse Logistics Services In Netherlands
  •  Like Unit Repair Services In Netherlands
  •  Recovery, Recycling and eWaste Services In Netherlands
  •  Exchange Fulfillment Services In Netherlands
  •  Same Unit Repair Services In Netherlands
  •  Automated IT Systems In Netherlands

FGS can help companies in the Netherlands create additional profit by maintaining the maximum asset value retention of products throughout their product life cycle while simultaneously minimizing non-value repair, inventory levels and unnecessary touches in the supply chain.

At FGS their suite of integrated reverse logistics and repair solutions are operated on globally consistent processes which have been proven to increase brand loyalty in the marketplace by improving turnaround times and end-customer satisfaction levels and are fully available to companies across Netherlands.

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The FGS suite of end-to-end supply chain solutions will help Companies in the Netherlands manage their reverse logistics, repair, refurbishment, recovery and recycling, and also provide Companies in the Netherlands critical feedback of data amongst their supply chain constituents, delivering continuous improvements for both existing and new generation products and unlocking efficiencies previously not identified.

Our reverse logisitics management expertise will deliver a reduction in your total cost of service while also improving end-customer satisfaction levels by ensuring the returns process is a convenient and efficient experience.

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