How to Maintain a Good Health?

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Nowadays, most people are busy with their daily work and lives which cause most of them have less time to care for their health including me. I used to eat foods that are easily to prepare in short period of time for example French fries, chicken nuggets or even pizza without paying attention to its nutrition if they are harmful or healthy for my health. According to Rockwell, high- fat foods may increase your risk for high blood cholesterol and this puts you at a higher risk for heart disease and other health conditions (2011).

Here are some steps that we can follow to avoid high-fat foods, not smoking and eating foods high in vitamins help protect the eyes.There are three steps that I recommend others to follow of how to avoid fat foods, it may not work on everybody but at least it works on me.

First, making a list of good and healthy foods before going to supermarket then just follow what we have listed out and buy it for our meal.

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Secondly, try to put as much as foods such fresh fruits in the refrigerator so that every time we need something to eat, especially in night time, we can replace junk foods or fatty foods with fruits. Last, we need to put our health on the top of everything in life that is why we need to read the nutritional fact carefully before we buy something.Not only fatty food can affect our health but also smoking could be dangerous for us.

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By reading an article from Black stated that “currently some 444,000 people die annually from direct and indirect tobacco diseases ( 2011).” It is good to avoid smoking that everybody has to do as soon as possible to save our lives.

Here are some ways that people should follow to avoid tobacco. Keep yourself busy with daily activities instead of thinking about tobacco. For example, take your free time to go to the gym for working out instead of smoking or you can take a walk for sightseeing. Efficient nutritional intake is the most important part to keep our body healthy. There are certain types of minerals and vitamins are required for the eyes need.

Vitamin A is one of the major sources to keep the human’s eyes work properly, and this kind vitamin we can obtain mostly from fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, Vitamin D is also crucial to maintain and improve vision suggested by Dr. Mercola because it helps “reductions in retinal inflammation and levels of amyloid beta accumulation which is a hallmark of aging” (2012). Those are some information that I want to let people know how avoiding high-fat foods, not smoking, and eating foods high in vitamins help protect the eyes. Hopefully people will have a good life and stay healthy.

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How to Maintain a Good Health?

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