The Science Influence of What We Eat

We all need to eat, to have energy and be healthy. We know that our choices of the food that we eat are affect our health and behavior. Since all of us want to be healthier, so every one of us trying to eat the good and the healthy food as much as we can. Also, we know that the food that we eat now are not the same as before, so there is a big changing in our consume culture.

As we see now everybody talking about good food, healthier food, low fat food, and so on. This changing in our nutrition is a result of changing of how science affects what we eat?

A cause of the science we get many benefits that help us to make our life more easier, for example ,every one of us have o refrigerator in his kitchen which help us to keep our food for many days and many meals. Also, we can make different kind of food and different taste from one thing by using technology; chicken as example, we can cook it in different ways.

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Also, by science now we have much information about the food that we, in the house we see television show about the food, in internet too. Also, when we go to shop we can find a lot information about what we need to purchase by reading the labels in the items.

Even though, the science has many good effects of what we eat, it also has the bad effects.

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As we know, by the development of genetic science, there many practical of it on the food, much food has a lot chemical indigents and us a consumer we get all that chemical in our body. So that affects our health and our behavior.

In conclusion, we can say the science has effects on many parts of our life, our culture and our behavior. The science affect our culture how we eat or what kind food to eat . Everyone should be aware of the current research and science in relation to food in order to make the right choices and be healthy.

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The Science Influence of What We Eat

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