How Texting Affects Our Life Essay

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How Texting Affects Our Life

There is no denying that instant text messaging is very important in our live. Most of us could not even imagine our daily life without texting. This is the quickest and easiest method of communication, most popular among young people. Several years ago to suddenly organize with friends was quite difficult, especially when our friends lived in different part of the city. Currently we need only a few minutes to send them all messages in the blink of an eye to determine where and what we will do. Text massages helps us a lot, but seems to me that in some sense also limit our ability to conduct interviews in private. Some people use short messages to break out the relationship or even layoff someone from work. Texting is also changing the importance of grammar and correct spelling and the most importantly it easily distract us very quickly.

People who use text messages often are more likely to lose the habit of conversation in private. When we talking with someone through text messages, our ability to decipher what they mean, the emotion in their words is curtailed. For example, when a teenage girl is receiving a text message from her boyfriend, which Includes words like: “I love you, I missed you”, etc., she might be exited, but she won’t be sure if that is sincere. But if the same words are spoken face to face, they will be able to decipher their body language and right or wrong intentions.

Texting has also negative consequences when it comes to grammar and spelling, because people simply do not know how to write formally and accurately. Grammar, spelling, syntax, abbreviation, they do not matter anymore, which is why texting is more popular in the younger generation. For example, a teenager who is used to write informally is more likely to fail grade in formal writing exam. When a word from a text messages is used in an inappropriate situation, like business email, it may seem unprofessional or simply be interpreted as a lack of intelligence.

The most important reason why I believe texting affect our lives is because it easily distracts us. When you are always trying to be in two places at once, you are really not in neither. For example, if we are sitting in class, the teacher is talking, and someone’s phone goes off. Everyone looks around wildly and the person does all he or she can to try to silence the phone. Some may wonder who could text student during school hours, but most likely was another student texting to each other. That student tried to pay attention in class and at the same time text someone else. As a result he has learned nothing and scattered the attention of other students.

Texting seems to be not harmful at first glance. However, after careful consideration of the topic is worth considering frequent use of texting. Subconsciously may be the cause of many unwanted and unnecessary problems.

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